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Esposa Family Biographies

A family-owned business, Esposa has been growing over the last three decades at the hands of generations working hard to garnish its name with layers of success.

Born out of a young couple's passion for the bridal industry, Esposa saw the light in 1986 when Mr. & Mrs. Romanos opened their first shop in Beirut. Little did they know that this small shop would expand into a retail chain and one of the region's most renowned bridal brands.

Today, Esposa relies on the exceptional skills, talents, and vision of three sisters who have remarkably succeeded in placing the brand on the world's fashion map.

Meet Kristie

With masters in fashion marketing and degrees in fashion design and bridal consulting, Kristie draws on her distinguished educational and professional experience to run the buying and overall operations of the company.

Her never ending love for fashion has made her an identified figure in the extravagant world of fashion and the favorite bridal consultant of many women in Lebanon, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sao Paolo.

Once you enter Esposa, Kristie makes sure your experience with the brand will be an unforgettable one.

Meet Juliana

A CPA-certified finance graduate from the American University of Beirut, Juliana made her way in the financial world, learning and mastering the secrets of trade.

Her great aptitude for finance and numbers earned her positions in reputable companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, setting her above regular standards in the business. With an exemplary experience in the field and unparalleled skills, Juliana occupies today the position of Chief Executive Officer within the company, handling the worldwide planning of the brand’s growth in Lebanon, Dubai and Brazil.

Juliana joined Esposa 5 years ago and she has greatly aided in its business growth worldwide.

Meet Jihane

The last of the sisters, Jihane, is a biology graduate from AUB. After completing her PHD in Human Genetics in the Netherlands, she gained notorious experience in her field as a Post Doc before deciding to return to her country. Today, she is the Vice President of the group.

Hand-in-hand, the sisters inject their love for each other and their passion for the industry in a brand constantly nourished to thrive and please.