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In the press Interviews Kristy Romanos interview with Hia Magazine

Kristy Romanos interview with Hia Magazine

1. How did your passion for fashion, especially the one for women, was born? I suppose my passion was born with me, and I should be grateful to my parents for paving the way for that. With a family business centered around bridal couture, I was born in a world where fairy tales are made of fabrics and dreams. Fashion was always present in my life since my early age however, I particularly felt involved in it at the age of 16 when I started traveling with my mother to luxury couture markets to buy the top bridals. It was only natural for me to make my way professionally into this world by specializing in this field and earning my masters in fashion marketing in Italy after which I completed my degree in fashion design in London. 2. When we think about the wedding day, the first thing that springs to mind is with no doubts the wedding dress. What is the relationship between your Atelier and your customers? I’ve always pictured the Santa Claus factory whenever I thought about my Atelier. The wedding day is the most important day in the life of a woman and being part of making her dreams and fantasies come true on this day is a truly magical experience. That’s what our atelier is designed for, a lab where elves work day and night to weave stories of love, each with its own flavor and style. Our doors are wide open to every bride and here we work hand-in-hand to develop and execute the most beautiful ideas that will lead to unique custom-made creations. Our atelier becomes hence a creative home for us and our customers, the place where dreams and skills meet to design the best love stories.

3. The choice of the perfect outfit may be a real obstacle course. How do you complete the look of the bride and what accessories you consider absolutely essential for the wedding day? The real challenge and beauty of our job is to be able to create the best look for every bride. Besides strong teamwork, such task entails a long creative process that requires innovation, research, and competent skills. Together, tailors, designers, and stylists work together to make the perfect outfit and complete it with the necessary accessories. From shoes to gloves to hair accessories, every detail counts to complete the bridal look. Personally, I have a penchant for the “veil”, which for me constitutes the most essential accessory and one that can add a remarkable touch and make a considerable difference.

4. What trends can we expect in 2017 in terms of wedding dresses? The real challenge of bridal fashion these days is to be able to reflect luxury and elegance in gowns that can be easy to wear and fit today’s modern lifestyle. What I can predict for 2017 are fresh tendencies and modern looks that mark their elegance through a mix of different delicate laces for a simple yet refined look. 5. What do you expect and what do you hope to find in this new edition of Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni? I look forward like every year to be part of the biggest international fashion show and the many interesting opportunities it offers. I hope this year will bring new names in the modern fashion scene as well as new synergies for Esposa that will lead to long-term fruitful collaborations. As an exclusive stage for the most creative, high-quality bridal and formal wear collections from around the world, Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni is an event that is made to bedazzle and we can’t wait to be part of the magic.