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In the press Interviews Bride Club ME interviews Tara Maietta – Director of Global Bridal Sales at Oscar de la Renta

Bride Club ME interviews Tara Maietta – Director of Global Bridal Sales at Oscar de la Renta

Bride Club ME interviews Tara Maietta – Director of Global Bridal Sales at Oscar de la Renta

BCME was recently lucky enough to be invited to the exclusive preview of the Oscar de la Renta 2016 wedding gown collection. Held at Esposa’s light-filled boutique on Al Wasl Road, it was the perfect chance to get a sneak peak of the beautiful dresses that form part of this exquisite collection. We also got the chance to speak to Tara Maietta, Director of Global Bridal Sales for Oscar de la Renta, who happily told us all about the new range and explained what exactly it is about the brand that makes it so sought after. Below, Tara also tells us why Esposa is the exclusive retailer of Oscar de la Renta gowns in the UAE, and gives us her tips on choosing a wedding gown. Enjoy!

Thank you for showcasing the 2016 collection here today. Please tell us a little bit about it…what can brides to be expect from your 2016 gowns?

Brides can certainly expect beautiful techniques that are influenced by French couture houses. The construction and the seamwork in some of these gowns create beautiful, shapely silhouettes that are something I’ve never seen before. Also, there is a lightness in the fabrics, achieved by removing the under pinnings and the crinoline and creating volume and texture through layering different laces and embroideries, resulting in a diaphanous, ethereal feel. With our gowns, there are so many special semi-customisation changes that can be made, that you can have two looks on your big day, which is a big trend right now.

Tell us more about some of the wedding dress trends that we can expect to see from Oscar de la Renta in 2016…

In terms of trends, we’re a fashion house, so a lot of the design influence for Bridal comes from Ready-to-Wear. That design influence from Ready-to-Wear comes from many different things, whether it’s art, architecture, old fashion houses and couture shows, flowers, gardens…I think there’s so much inspiration from so many different parts of the world – I don’t think it’s just one element – so if you want to know what we’re going to do for Bridal, then take a look at the Ready-to-Wear collection this December and February. Peter Copping, our Creative Director, has a very strong liking for art, and goes to lots of museums all over the world, so I think he takes a lot of influence from things like that.

If you could describe Oscar de la Renta bridal gowns in three words, what words would you choose?

Feminine, classic and sophisticated.

What about brides who are wanting a slightly more unusual style of dress? How do you cater for them?

That’s where I think Peter comes in and brings to the collection those ‘non-bridal’ gowns. For example, we have a gorgeous banded lace column dress that’s perfect for an intimate wedding on the beach. I think that he designs for so many different types of women, as did Oscar. There’s something to be said about our collection. Each gown has its own DNA, and whilst you will see a consistency through the collection in terms of the handwork, none of them look the same and are very unique on their own. Peter offers a lot of diversity and appeals to many different types of brides. Each gown has its own inspiration.

Oscar de la Renta has dressed some famous brides, such as Amal Clooney. What do you think attracts such high profile women to your gowns, and how do you think this influences the average bride-to-be?

I think the house’s prestigious reputation is what attracts a woman like Amal to approach Oscar. She’s a very well-educated, sophisticated woman, and that’s the type of customer that we work with. This house is truly magical and has been around for a very long time. We’re not new to this business and Oscar has dressed some of the most iconic women in our history; politicians, socialites, president’s wives and A-list celebrities as well. He’s designed for the whole spectrum. I don’t know if women are influenced by celebrities as much as they once were, I think that nowadays women are influenced by social media and ‘real weddings’.

What advice would you specifically give to brides-to-be here in the UAE, when choosing their gown?

My general advice to anyone is to come in open-minded, and to let the expert guide you. Communicate what you are looking for and be vocal, but let the expert direct you and find the dress. That would be my advice to any bride, no matter where they lived. In this market in particular, if it’s a religious customer, she needs to know that any of these gowns here can be built up. They have to be able to visualise what is possible with a gown that they already love, such as making the skirt bigger by adding a bigger petticoat. It’s not like you’re completely changing it; you’re just making those custom changes to tailor to your religion.

I don’t think brides want to wear big, heavy, stuffed gowns anymore. That trend seems to have passed, and now designers are being more creative in how they generate volume.

Why did you choose Esposa as the exclusive retailer of Oscar de la Renta gowns in the UAE?

They are a family run business who have been in the bridal business for a very long time. Bridal is a very different service to Ready-to-Wear, and requires not only the service of finding the gown, but also with things such as the alterations. It’s important to work with operators who have a very strong understanding of that. Not anyone can open a bridal salon. Esposa have been in business for 25 years, which is why we look to them as ambassadors of the brand here. Also, the environment is beautiful and that plays a factor, as is service at store level. But the owner and the operators are ultimately the most important part.

And finally, do you have a personal favourite from the new collection?

I like them all in their own way, and I think they’re all different. I love the illusion neckline, the deep v backs and the fullness in the back and not in the front – I think that’s really interesting as it shows off your shape but you still have your bridal moment at the back. That would be my favourite detail in the collection. However, my personal favourite gown would be my own bridal gown!

Thank you Tara! To view the new Oscar de la Renta collection, make an appointment at Esposa by calling +971 04 3854477, or visit their website here.