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1. What is your vision for Esposa group and the new restructuring strategy that was done in 2016?

Turning Esposa into Esposa Group falls in line with our strategy to restructure our brands and offer our clientele a more targeted and specialized experience. Because we want to cater for all women’s styles and tastes, we divided the brands into Esposa and Esposa Prive, offering our clients the chance to choose between two different experiences; the one that answers best their needs and desires. Our vision is to make Esposa the ultimate inspiration and destination for women’s best moments.

2. Can you tell us more about Esposa group history? How did everything start?

It all started in 1986 when my parents opened the first bridal shop in Jounieh. Never did they know that it would grow to be into what it is today. Our family business was born out of passion and love for the industry, a passion so contagious that Esposa became the bridal shop of choice for women looking to find the wedding dress of their dreams. And that’s how from one small shop, Esposa grew over the decades to become a chain of boutiques in Lebanon, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sao Paulo.

3. Who is running Esposa Group today?

Today, my two sisters and I have taken over the management of the company. I handle the buying, fashion design and marketing department in the company. My sister Juliana is the financial director of the company, and she plans the worldwide growth of the brand. Jihane is in charge of the purchasing department for all our boutiques.

4. Tell us more about each of the 2 boutiques: Esposa Privé and Esposa. How do they differ?

“Esposa Privé” is our new premium luxury brand that aims at designing looks of love for the romantic souls. The “maison” specializes in creating intimate high-end experiences where brides would indulge in an inspiring journey of emotional couture, escorted by bridal consultants and talented stylists and benefitting from unparalleled expertise and dedicated craftsmanship. The collections include luxurious exclusive international brands as Oscar de La Renta, Marchesa, Carolina Herrera, Monique L’huillier, as well as the sophisticated tailor-made brand of “Esposa Privé” designed in Beirut and sewed in Spain: EsposaCouture. As for “Esposa”, it strives to find a style for every love story through a collection of playful dresses. In a modern design highlighted by patterns of wild flowers and LED lighting, Esposa welcomes women with voguish and wonderfully simple gowns, ready or tailor-made for the fun, trendy, and fashionable. With accessible prices and rental options, women can definitely find the dress that decodes their bold tastes.

5. Where are Esposa Privé & Esposa located?

Esposa Prive boutiques are in Jumeirah Dubai, Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi, and recently in Beirut Down-Town, Francois El Hajj street. You can find Esposa in Dbayeh highway and in Verdun, where we opened our second branch on the main road, Khatoun building, Unesco center.

6. What are the brands and price ranges for each?

Esposa Prive offers a wide selection of local and international brands including Oscar De La Renta, Marchesa, Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuillier, Yolan Chris, Rosa Clara, Gemy Maalouf, Isabel Sanchis, Ines di Santo and many more with a price starting from 5,000 $ and above. Esposa brands include the beautiful creations of international artists such as La Sposa, Beside By Gemy, Enzoani, Lusan Mandogus, Justin Alexander, Eddy K, Malis Henderson and many more. These brands are accessible and also available for rent.

7. What are the styles of each brand?

Esposa wants to make every woman happy. This is why we make sure our selection of designer brands has something for every bride. Whether she’s looking for a classic traditional look, a modern and trendy look, or wants to design the gown of her dreams from scratch, Esposa will help her dress up her special day with a newly discovered sense of style. Our range of in-house, local and international dresses covers all styles, from the classic and minimalist style of Oscar de la Renta known for its distinctly modern, yet very romantic and feminine gowns, to the edgy style of Marchesa translated in this year’s collection through 3D flower-sewed dresses.

8. Do you have in-house brands?

We have three in-house brands and a tailor-made service. Atelier Esposa is our haute couture brand where intimate and high-end experiences are designed. Here, each dress is carefully sewed by hand, using rare and precious materials carefully selected to create sublime works of art intricately weaved and fitted to perfection. Our unique creations take months of dedicated work and beading and dress the most sophisticated tastes. This summer, Atelier Esposa dressed Dana Wolley for her wedding in a customized stunning golden gown with thousands of Swarovski stones. EsposaCouture is our ready to wear brand made in Spain that tailors your desires, distinguished by luxurious fabrics and cuts, and by their intricate details. Plume by Esposa is the brand we sell at Esposa. Designed for the young, bold, and trendy, the collection features an accessible range of playful designs that decode the tastes and dreams of the fun wild spirits.

9. Tell us more about the tailor-made service? How is it special?

The tailor-made service allows each bride to wear the dress she has always dreamed of. Our consultants escort the bride for months, understanding her needs and translating them into a design that fits her style and dreams. We work with each bride side by side and make sure through several fittings and the best customer service that she sees her dream dress come true.

10. What are future plans for both brands? Any growth strategy globally?

This year, we exhibited our ready to wear collection for the first time at Sposaitalia in Milano, which is the leading exhibition for bridal and formal wear gathering designers from all around the world. This is only the beginning as we hope to anchor Lebanon’s name even further in the international fashion scene, reflecting the infinite talent and creativity of its country through world-class high-quality bridal wear.