10 Habits of Happy Couples!

Happy couples don’t just happen. When it comes to having a thriving marriage or relationship, constant work is required to make happiness a daily routine. The secret for that lies in creating habits that have a powerful impact on connecting you with your partner and keeping your relation alive.

Here’s what Esposa has to say about that!

1- Respect, no matter what.

Respect is the foundation of any mature relationship. No matter the disagreements or the difference of opinions or perspectives between you and your partner, respect is a value that you should never lose. Expressing respect for each other is a way of reminding yourselves that you love and accept one another no matter what, for better and for worse.

2- Listen to your partner’s needs

Finding time to sit and listen to what your partner wants or what is bothering them is a habit that will make your relationship strong as a rock. Listening is the only way to understand and to connect with your spouse and the only possible way to improve and develop your relation.

3- Spare some quality morning time

Even if you have to wake up a few minutes earlier, finding a way to spend quality time with your partner before rushing to work is a simple and powerful habit to keep the bond strong. All you have to do is prepare or enjoy coffee together and hug each other before going each his way!

4- Connect during the day

Checking on your partner during the day is a great way of showing them your love and care. Even if you have a busy schedule, sending a text message or a card, checking on their important meeting, or simply asking how they’re doing can help you two reconnect positively.

5 Find common interests

As routine kicks in, the couple tends to grow apart. Finding activities to do together can bring you closer and create opportunity for you two to bond together in a fun way.

6- Appreciate instead of criticize

It’s much easier to nag on your partner and pinpoint the things you don’t like in them instead of doing the effort to appreciate what you love about them. It’s all about changing your perspective and deciding to see what is beautiful in your partner and the positive things that make you fall in love with them over and over again.

7- Keep the excitement

The real challenge of a successful relationship is to keep that flame alive. No one said it was an easy task but remember, the right routines make all the difference. Staying excited about that weekend getaway, planning birthday surprises, getting dressed up and going on a date every once in a while, holding hands when walking, kissing and expressing your feelings often are great ways to keep the intimacy and the romance alive!

8- Say “I love you”

These three words can do magic and acquiring the habit of saying them often will grant you the power of tolerance and remind you that what you have with your partner is stronger than any challenge your relation is facing.

9- Put your phones away

It doesn’t take more than technology to destroy a couple nowadays. Don’t let it consume you and decide to take a break from it when you come home to your partner. Finding some time to disconnect from the world and focus entirely on each other is one of the most important habits of a happy couple.

10- Go to bed together

Physical touch is known to increase the “love hormone” in the body and taking up the habit of going to bed together and cuddling a few minutes before sleeping can be a great way to end your day on a high and happy note.

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