9 Bridal Shower Themes

Bridal showers are not very common to Middle Eastern societies but for a bride-to-be, it could be the perfect time to relax before the Big Day. More popular in North America than anywhere in the world, these parties are planned four to six weeks prior to the wedding date by the maid of honor, one of the bride’s close friend or a group of girlfriends. During this day, the guests “shower” the bride-to-be with love and gifts to prepare her for her new household. While the party is usually intimate and held at the bridesmaid’s home, it can also take place in a restaurant or at the bride’s favorite hangout.


In choosing the right theme, the most important thing to keep in mind is that it must reflect the bride’s personality, tastes, and interests. It is, after all, a party planned in her honor. The options are endless but three things are always considered: invitation cards, themes, and favors. The theme will define the décor, the food, and drinks in addition to the day’s activities. Here are some ideas that can help you plan a perfect bridal shower:


1. 1001 Nights

Choose an oriental theme and plan a relaxing day at a Moroccan or Turkish bath. Invite the guests to dress up in traditional clothing if the party is held at someone’s home. You can also have an artist paint henna tattoos on the women’s hands.


2. Wine and cheese tasting

This kind of gathering is always fun whatever the occasion and it will definitely be a success for a bridal shower. Think of hiring a specialist to help you entertain the crowd with facts about wine tasting and cheese pairing.




3. Garden theme party

A perfect theme if the wedding is set during summer. In that case, plan a day in the garden with a BBQ feast and some outdoor games.


4. Tea party

A classic option for an afternoon bridal shower. Bring together your family and friends around teacakes, fruit tarts, sweet tea and a fresh, flowery decoration.




5. Vintage Theme

If the bride-to-be has a passion for old movies, the theme can be based on her favorite romantic film. Get your inspiration from the movie in the selection of the decoration, food, drinks and games.


6. Glamour Theme

Champagne, chocolate-dipped strawberries and an elegant decoration can set a picture-perfect celebration for a modern and fashionable bride-to-be.




7. Location-inspired
Be inspired by the honeymooners’ travel destination after the wedding. This will influence the guests to bring gifts related to the locations where the bride and groom are planning to travel.


8. Bowling Shower
It can be an easy and fun alternative if the maid of honor owns a small apartment and if the guest list is extensive. Even more fun if it is one of the bride’s favorite activities.


9. Spa Shower

Treat the guests to a special day at the spa or at a beauty salon especially if the bridal shower is near the wedding date. You can also have some beauty experts over at your house for a more intimate gathering. Favors can consist of a selection of lotions, body creams and beauty products.




Finally, while the guest list consists traditionally of the newlyweds’ female family members and friends, more recently showers are becoming a celebration of both the bride and groom with invites extending to the couple’s female and male friends.


These are our go-to themes but there are plenty more. Feel free to share your own ideas or experiences in the comments below.



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