Beautiful DIY Wedding Decorations

There are many ideas for wedding decorations, and nowadays brides are opting for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) decorations to make their Big Day as personalized and unique as possible. Here are our simple and beautiful ideas for your wedding!


Aisle & Chair decorations
Every bride wants to walk up to her groom surrounded by the most beautiful decoration. It is the most emotional part of her day. For you aisle ornament, we suggest to pick something beautiful but simple at the same time, and keep your big budget for the wedding reception cause that’s where you will spend most of your time on this special day. If you are having an outdoor wedding, choose white, silver or gold chairs so you will have a wider choice of decorations in the shade that you want. You can either tie a satin ribbon knot on the back of the chairs, or choose a preferred fabric, tie it on the back of the chair and insert your choice of flowers.




For a rustic feel, we suggest using white tulle or burlap and lace with lavender branches. The latter is a very beautiful plant to decorate your wedding, with its romantic and refined color.




If you decide to go for a beach wedding, then you have the opportunity to play with your colors and to pick ones that are as fun as your wedding theme. Tie color ribbons at the back of the chair for astonishing results.




Other display you can use in your aisle are tin buckets that you can paint in white and fill with your choice of flowers. Pink flower arrangements are great, especially if you are going with a romantic theme.




Another type of decoration that would be great for a romantic theme, are these white mini tricycles with white pots and pink flowers.




Table decorations
There are many ideas for table centerpieces and you can be as creative as you want. Just make sure that you have chosen the right table decorations for you wedding theme. If you are going for something classic, pick some elegant flower arrangements or place them in clay jars painted in white or any color you want and make sure that the color is suitable for the flowers you are going to order.
Candles are also a great choice to decorate your tables. For a vintage theme, place your candles in a glass, wrap it with lavender branches and tie them altogether with twine.




For a more rustic theme, especially in the outdoors, the choices are endless. You can use a white bucket with purple or pink roses or painted ones with white and neutral roses.




You can also wrap and glue glass bottles and glass jars with twine or burlap and lace fabrics then place orange roses and white flowers. The result is guaranteed to be stylish and rustic at the same time.




Watering cans are also a fun choice for an outdoor wedding, especially if you are planning it in a garden during an afternoon.




One of our favorite centerpieces, at the moment, is the white birdcages that you can fill with candles or flowers for romantic and elegant table decorations.




Hanging decorations
The trend right now is all about outdoor weddings and hanging decoration items, especially at the approach of spring and summer. In this case, you can use the same type of decorations that you used for your table but hang them instead on tree branches or from the ceiling, if you are placing a tent. Use watering cans, birdcages, lanterns with light bulbs or candles depending on your wedding theme and the items you used for your centerpieces.




Whether you are planning a late afternoon, an evening wedding, or just wish to dance the night away, incorporate special lighting elements into your setup. Hang light bulbs or use mason jars as lanterns.




For a more personal touch for your outdoor decoration, use some strings to hang photos of you and your groom at different occasions. This will remind your guests of how a great couple you are.




These were our easy ideas for planning a special and personalized wedding. Tell us which idea you liked the most?



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