BOHO is the way to go!

Being from a rich culture embedded with deep traditions, brides often find themselves limited to certain themed weddings, wearing a staple wedding gown and throwing a familiar wedding party that fits the standards… been there done that!
However for the brides that are seeking to defy the standards and throw a unique wedding, we’ve got our eye on the perfect wedding theme that will make you stand out! Bohemian wedding!
Boho weddings are making it big this year, being effortlessly chic and ethereal, it is no wonder brides are jumping on the bohemian bandwagon.

So what is a bohemian wedding theme exactly? You may ask. Bohemian weddings are chic yet dreamy, elegant yet casual, rustic yet glamorous, it combines all these elements beautifully to create a serene celebration of natural and raw beauty. So how can you have the ultimate bohemian wedding? Here are a few key factors to get you boho wedding ready.

1. Opt for Local
Whatever it is keep it local, for example shop your bridal dresses in Dubai if you are in Dubai. Bohemian brides love to go back to the roots, so when choosing the caterers choose a local option that translates a carefree vibe, such as a buffet style set up that serves nothing but homemade and home-grown foods. This will give your wedding the casual factor while keeping it seriously simple.

2. Wild Flowers
What says bohemian more than flowers? Wild flowers. These perfectly imperfect flowers are the ultimate choice for bohemian celebrations. Take it up a notch and include messy arrangements and scatter them around your venue. This will make them look as if they have been just plucked and are simply tied with a satin bow. Don’t forget a bohemian wedding is all about using readily available, imperfect yet charming elements to form a casual and laidback theme.

4.Nature all the way
Your first choice doesn’t have to be an outdoor wedding, although it can be, but it most definitely has to be surrounded by nature. Choosing a non-traditional venue is a plus! Boho brides go for non-traditional venues that are surrounded by nature, think vineyards, a cosy tent and rustic private estates; these are the perfect unconventional venues and oh so boho.

5. No shoes
Since the wedding is so laid-back, why bother with shoes? Designate a shoe area where your guests can kick of their shoes. Let them know that there is no pressure but they have the option of letting loose, kicking off their shoes and dancing barefoot. Oh and did we mention that goes for you too? Yes that’s right you have the total option of swapping your wedding shoes for literally no shoes. If you think going barefoot is a big ordeal you can wear espadrilles or sandals to add those little eclectic bohemian factors to your big day.

6. Keep it simple
This goes for the dress, makeup and hair. When choosing your dress, shift your focus onto soft and lightweight fabrics such as lace and organza that sit weightlessly on your picturesque silhouette. Dial down the makeup and hair dose; keep it effortlessly elegant with nude shades and loose curls. Don’t forget to send this memo to your man. His suit must also be lightweight and simple, think linen suit and some gorgeous fringed slip-on shoes to make your looks perfectly matching.

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