The Best Place to Honeymoon in 2016

If you’re doing it once, you better do it right. Your honeymoon is supposed to be precious one-on-one time with your partner and a way to start your marriage on the right foot. Choosing the destination that suits the both of you and fulfills your interests and newlywed fantasies is crucial to make this once-in-a-lifetime trip successful and memorable.



Here are some of this year’s best rated destinations for honeymooners that you can get inspired from to plan your trip!

Honeymoon - Florence
1- Florence, Italy

The capital of Tuscany, Florence has been called the “jewel in the crown of the Renaissance”. Combining amazing architecture, breathtaking scenery, history, art, and wine, it makes a romantic destination by excellence. The city’s magical vineyards, views of medieval towns, great food, and Tuscan sun will definitely not disappoint you.

honeymoon - Oman
2- Sultanate of Oman

Thanks to its sophisticated resorts, its beautiful beaches, its mountainous nature, and its peaceful quietness, Oman can be the perfect honeymoon destination for you. Best months to visit are between October and May.

honeymoon - Bali
3- Bali, Indonesia

Known as the “Island of God”, Bali is certainly divine for its rich nature, its stunning beaches, and its tropical splendor. With marvelous resorts and villas nestled in the heart of wilderness or by the beach, you’re definitely in for an out-of-this-world honeymoon getaway.

honeymoon - Santorini
4- Santorini, Greece

Ranked by US News as number one among the world’s best honeymoon destinations, the exquisite island of Santorini remains a favorite destination for honeymooners for its timeless charm. Romantic white and blue hotels overlooking breathtaking sunsets, great Greek food, wineries, and beautiful beaches await newlyweds to whisk them away.

honeymoon - Seychelles
5- Seychelles


If you want a taste of paradise, you should consider the islands of Seychelles for your honeymoon. With pristine sand beaches, idyllic hideaways, secluded beaches, and the most romantic settings, the island is the perfect getaway for couples seeking peace and privacy.

honeymoona - tanzania
6- Tanzania, Africa


With the best wildlife parks, beautiful lakes and stunning beaches, Tanzania offers the perfect honeymoon destination. Laze on idyllic beaches, explore ruins, climb and trek unique landcapes, or simply enjoy the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean. Can it get any better?

honeymoon - croatia
7- Croatia


If you want it all, the classic romantic and the off-beaten-path beauty, Croatia is the answer for you. From centuries-old hill towns and ancient architecture to crystal clear waters and delicious food, Croatia is the best place to get lost and live unforgettable adventures of lust.


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