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Planning for a marriage is already as hectic as it sounds and a lot of brides tend to take extreme measures to attain perfection – which is naturally draining. Relax! It’s natural to stress over the bridal dress, the venue, the flowers and so on, however, we; the ladies at Esposa; decided to compile a few tips ranging from health to appearance that will facilitate the life of rushing brides before they walk down the aisle.


1. Never Crash Diet




Don’t revert to crash diets so as to lose weight drastically for several reasons ranging, from your appearance in photos to impressing the groom and most importantly fitting into the dress. Keep in mind that crash diets are temporary and the weight does come back to haunt you. So instead of living on soup a week prior to the wedding, we suggest you enjoy a healthy lifestyle and try to incorporate a bit of exercise. This will not only have long lasting effects but will also make you glow on the day you say “I DO”.

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2. Don’t Over Tan
If you’re planning a summer wedding, try not to bask under the sun for hours on end, just to get the even tan. Some brides overdo it, letting the sun take its toll on their skin, however, moderation is key here. A bit of sun with abundant sunscreen application will get you that sexy sun-kissed skin whilst protecting it.


3. Fair share of Skincare




Never neglect your most protective feature. Adopt a healthy skin care routine, spoil yourself with spa facials, and avoid fried food, high sugar intake, stress, smoking and of course junk food. Skin varies from one person to the next, that’s why we advise you to visit your dermatologist for professional tips.

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4. Drop the Drinks
When you are always on the rush, you sometimes lean towards drinking those big tempting coffees to keep you hyped up and energetic for the whole day of planning. These are stress inducers in disguise, not to mention that if you’re undergoing teeth whitening, let’s just say that they’re not a good idea. Go for water and even some healthy roasted nuts for those hunger urges that surface. Even at night, when you’re with the girls, try to limit your alcohol consumption to a minimum. These colored drinks are stocked with calories and sugar content that is sweet to the taste, but very hard to shed off.


5. Ditch the Habit
We know in the time before the big day your stress levels peak up like crazy. A lot of brides deal with stress differently, some are emotional eaters, others bite their nails and the rest probably pick up or increase their smoking intake. If you are already a smoker, try to tackle that addiction with e-cigarettes or even nicotine patches. Not only is it bad for your health, but it also takes a toll on your teeth, and sadly that will show in the pictures especially when you’re wearing that beautiful wedding dress. We suggest you ditch the habit either way.


6. Practice Walking in Your wedding Shoes




Every woman has a relationship with shoes, it’s a weakness and we all know it, but when it comes to wedding shoes, it gets to a whole new level. Before the big day, we suggest you break into them- as in every once in a while, when you have free time, put them on and walk around the house- this way you will get used to them as they become more malleable on your feet. (P.S you also won’t look like a penguin balancing your way down the aisle)


7. Wedding Dress Trial
Always go at least a week before the wedding to try on your wedding dress. Your body goes through weight fluctuations especially during those times of stress. So visit your wedding boutique for the final touches.


We are sure there are plenty of tips handed over from your girlfriends, grandma’s and mothers, however the above are the crucial ones that will keep you in check! If you care to share some of your tips go ahead and comment below!



About Esposa
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