Colours Of The Year: Switch Up Your Wedding Theme

While we are constantly on a look out for the latest wedding trends, our last revelation is the colour of the Year. Pantone, the colour giant, has finally released the ‘It’ colours of the year 2016 and it’s the year of pastels. This year’s colours are called Rose Quartz and Serenity, and we love them.

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These two colours seem to blend harmoniously together creating an ethereal, twilight image, making them perfect palates for a bride that is seeking a dreamy theme. Pantone’s serenity colour represents a soft, relaxing blue palate reflecting a sense of connection, peace and wellness. While the Rose Quartz embraces a rose tone, when paired with serenity the two colours unite to challenge traditional perceptions of colour association, creating balanced tones.

Incorporate them into your wedding and evoke serene and soft imagery on your big day. According to pantone these colours are intentionally tranquil aiming to emanate feelings of relief and relaxation, making them a flawless fit to calm you on your wedding day.

Pink weddings dresses have been spotted on the runways and aisles for years, with celebrities such as Gwen Stefani and Jessica Biel setting the trend. However it is expected wedding dresses in the year 2016 reign in Rose Quartz and Serenity, and fashion forward brides are the first in line to adopt this ever so gorgeous trend.

If you are more of a traditional bridal gown kinda girl yet trendy, blush pink and blues are flattering to any skin colour, allowing you to dress your bridesmaid in the latest colour trend. Add this gorgeous combo to your wedding cake for a romantic and delicate look.

If you are an edgy bride who is willing to make a hair statement on her wedding day, jump on the celebrity trend and craft these colours into your hair on your wedding day or bachelorette party weekend. Look for inspiration from celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Kelly Osborn as they have paved the way and set the trend for a few years running.

Pantone give retails an insight on the colour of the year prior to its release date. So, if you are loving these colours but are not too keen on applying them to your wedding theme, these colours can still make it on your gift registry list.

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