How to accessorize your wedding dress

Accessorizing your wedding dress is no easy task. After finding your dream gown, you need to choose the accessories that will add a unique touch and make it stand out. If your dress already has a lot of embellishments, you will need to keep it to the minimum and if your dress is simple, you will have more choices to choose from. Take a closer look at the accessories you can choose for your wedding gown.



Whether you are going for simple hairpins or a full tiara, consider first the hairstyle that you want. It will give you a clearer idea of what headpiece you should opt for. If you decide to go for a veil, it needs to match exactly the shade of your bridal dress and if your dress has a lot going on, you should keep your veil as simple as possible. Short veils are suitable for all brides but avoid mid-length ones if you are petite and floor length veils if you are tall.




A tiara is a traditional choice suitable for a formal and classic wedding, but there is also the bun wrap, which is a small comb tiara, perfect for high updo hairstyles. The wreath tiara, which looks like a laurel, is a romantic style perfect for a Greek style wedding dress. Another option is the jeweled headbands and a stylish alternative is the double band style which is a more subtle look and adaptable to many hairstyles.


Fascinators are a very stylish option if veils are not your thing and if you want a retro vibe to your wedding. For a vintage-inspired wedding, choose a feathered headpiece and for a romantic outdoor wedding, pick a flower crown as a headpiece. Just remember that this style is better with loose locks.


Flower Crown



When it comes to jewelry, be careful not to over-accessorize and to always match your metals. If the bodice of your gown has beading or any other kind of embellishments, let it dictate the jewelry you need. If not, match your jewels with the shade of your dress.  Gold is best paired with ivory colored dresses. Silver, platinum and pearls are great with pure white. With an off-white dress, you can choose between yellow-gold, rose gold, silver or pearls.


Take notice of your neckline to know what jewelry to choose from and pick a necklace that compliments your dress. Off-the-shoulder and strapless necklines are the most flexible. You can also opt for big earrings and leave your neck bare.  For boat necklines, choose a shorter choker-length necklace. For a deep-V neckline, follow the shape by choosing a Y-shaped necklace. If your dress has an illusion neckline then it has the necessary embellishment around the neck and go for the earrings only. Same rule applies if you think your dress has a lot of beading on the neckline.




(Check out our infographic to know more about the different wedding dress styles).


If you have a round face, go for long earrings and avoid round shaped ones. If you have an oval face, anything looks good on you especially chandelier and drop earrings. If you have a rectangular or oblong face, choose studs and round shaped earrings, and avoid anything that drops longer than the chin. If you have a square face, go for dangling earrings, teardrops or exaggerated shapes. The most suitable style for heart-shaped and triangle faces are the ones that are wider at the bottom.  For a diamond-shaped face, small teardrop earrings and studs are perfect.




Other accessories

In addition to jewelry and headpieces, there are other accessories to consider. If you are getting married in a religious ceremony or in a cooler part of the year, then you should consider a coverlet. Pick a simple one if you chose an embellished dress but if your dress is simple then you have different options: boleros, caplets, furs, etc…. Take advantage of this accessory because it is one of the trend styles at the moment and some bridal gowns already come with a detachable cape. (Click here to know more about the year’s trends).


Gloves are an optional accessory but that you should definitely go for if you want a similar look to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. There are also different styles to choose from: wrist length, elbow and opera length gloves, depending on your wedding dress style. Just make sure to match them with your dress and veil if you are wearing one.




Belts and sashes are a great way to add personality to your wedding dress if you find that it is too simple. According to the style that you prefer, it could be a satin sash or a metallic belt. Thin belts are great for short torsos and wider belts are suitable for long torsos. Other types of belts are beaded and embellished ones. They are perfectly suitable for an apple shape body while belts with a V-shape appliqué are perfect for petite brides.




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