How to choose your wedding bouquet

Your wedding bouquet will accompany you during your nuptials from the moment you walk down the aisle until you toss it to all the unmarried ladies at your wedding. It is a tradition that goes way back and is believed to bring luck to the girl who catches it. What bouquet should you choose for your special day? Read our tips and learn more about flowers and their meaning.


Choose a bouquet that reflects you and your wedding
Before we talk about the perfect flowers for each season, you should consider several factors before selecting your blooms. Other than the season, which you should take into account so that the flowers you want are available when you get married, there are other facts to think of too. One of them is your color scheme, as it should not clash with your bouquet. So you should try to keep it simple as much as possible. Secondly, do your research to know what your flowers of choice symbolize. You could also choose flowers according to your month of birth or your zodiac if it’s possible. At the end of the day, your bouquet should be unique and special. Lastly, choose a bunch that fits in with your setting, meaning the place where you choose to get married.




Get to know your wedding season
The amount of flowers you can choose from for your wedding is vast but we can list for your some of the options for each season to help you choose. Spring is full of beautiful blooms and amongst them you will find that nothing promises a happy life and a good-fortuned marriage more than peonies. Lilacs are also a good choice if you want to hint at the first emotions of love. Summer brings more colors and flowers with complicated names like Alstroemeria, which is said guarantees prosperity, wealth and fortune. Chrysanthemum is also a very colorful choice and symbolizes cheerfulness, optimism and hope.  For autumn, choose either Freesia that expresses innocence, and a careful and calm love or Gerbera that denotes strong and enduring purity. Winter has also its own stunning blooms like tulips that proclaim an irresistible love and Ranunculus that embodies a radiant charm.




Identify your flowers and their symbolism
While it’s good to know the flowers that are available during your wedding season, what would make a good idea and a personalized choice is if you can incorporate your birth flower into your bouquet. Just make sure your bunch still fits within your color scheme. The great thing about flowers is some blooms come in different shades and colors. Go through our table to see which blossom is your birth flower and what it symbolizes!




Think of your location and surroundings  
You don’t want your flowers to clash with your surroundings so let your venue influence your florals and not just your bouquet. Wildflowers will look out of place in a formal setting and white orchids too in a rustic wedding. If you are having a classic wedding, pick flowers like roses and peonies. For a more romantic note, you can choose big soft blooms. If your wedding has a more modern feel, then you should have minimalist arrangements and for a rustic wedding, you can select more vibrant colors and lots of greenery.
Finally, don’t forget to make your bouquet complement your bridal dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses as they should not all clash together. Red flowers will feel odd next to a bright white dress and next to your maid of honor’s pink dress. You can also match your bouquet with your bridal shoes and accessories. In the end, all the colors should fall into place in harmony.




Did you find our tips helpful in choosing your wedding bouquet? Tell us below if you have any more advices on the subject.



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