How to choose your wedding theme & colors

When looking for their perfect wedding theme, brides tend to browse online for the latest fashions and trending colors but mostly likely, they will get lost in the endless options and possibilities available. Wedding planners advise to have in mind five factors that will most likely influence your choice for the wedding theme: personal style, meaning, season, budget and location. We, at Esposa, have also come up with some tips that will help you find the wedding style that best suits you. In the end, the theme and colors should be able to create a mood that illustrates you and the groom.


Take inspiration from your personal style
Don’t try to adopt a style just because it is trending. Take a look at your home and your closet to inspire you in choosing the right wedding style for you. Your wedding should be able to reflect your own personal style and guests should be reminded of you when they attend your wedding. Are you usually wearing trendy, elegant, retro or romantic clothes? Whatever your style is, try to use similar fabrics in your wedding gown. As for choosing the decorations of your venue, take inspiration from your home decoration to make the suitable choices for you. In any case, be experimental when browsing and shopping for your wedding dress and decorations. You may discover a new style that you like and that you haven’t tried before. Just pick something that you like and that fits in the wedding theme.




Take into account your location
Your venue will be the first thing that you book once you’ve been proposed to. It is the biggest part of your budget and you don’t want it to clash with your wedding theme. So either choose your venue according to your wedding theme or if you always had in mind where you are going to get married, choose the wedding theme and colors that best compliment your venue and let it set the tone for your wedding style. If you wedding venue is a hotel or a gallery, then you’ll want your wedding theme to be modern and elegant. If you choose to get married in a country house or winery, then your wedding theme should be rustic or vintage. And if your wedding venue is a garden, then pick a romantic theme.
If you are still clueless regarding your location but you feel certain about your wedding theme and colors, choose a venue that is blank to carry out your vision for your wedding and not be constrained about the place.




Think of the season
Just like when choosing your wedding dress, you should take into account the season when you are deciding on your wedding colors. Think of a shade that will bring out the season in your color palette. You can combine that shade with a color that you like if they make a good pair. Aqua and Coral are a great color combination for summer. Turquoise, Navy and Gray are perfect for a winter wedding. Choose Eggplant, Leaf Green and Ivory for a spring wedding, and Rust, Copper and Aqua for a wedding in fall.
But don’t limit yourself to the season. If you decide on light pastels in winter, just concentrate on texture and combine pastels with a strong accent color from the season.
Finally, we advise you not to choose your wedding gown before you have set your mind on a location, theme and date for your wedding because all of these factors determine what style and fabrics will be most appropriate for your wedding dress.




Did you find these ideas helpful and do you any more tips to add? Feel free to comment below.



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