How to plan a perfect wedding day

Planning your own wedding doesn’t have to be a hard chore. It can actually be pretty fun. The more personalized it is, the easier it will be for you to choose the right theme. If you plan early on, you will have time to choose and save for what you really want and you won’t feel like options are running out. After all, you only plan your wedding once.


Choose a personalized theme
The best thing is to incorporate your interests into your wedding theme. Just remember to choose something that really matters to you both. If you’re a fan of The Great Gatsby or Game of Thrones, weddings inspired by your favorite TV show or movie will be a great option. Glittery or medieval, this will make great wedding photos. Another option is to include one of your hobbies. How about a wine-themed wedding? You can choose a winery as your wedding venue and decorate the tables with wine bottles serving as number or candle holders. What could be more romantic?


You can read about our ideas for movie-inspired themes here.


Choose a personalized theme


Share something personal and unique
Your wedding doesn’t have to be traditional and conventional. You can add an extra personal touch to share with your guests. Give them something to remember. You can share stories about how you first met and important moments of your relationship or have someone do a special reading of your favorite poem or short story. If you met in a Jazz club, have a jazz band play at your wedding instead of a DJ and if you met in Spain, serve sangria and hire some flamenco dancers. We, especially advise to include card signs explaining to your guests that you a serving cheesecake for example because it was the dessert you shared on your first date.


Share something personal and unique


Let go of your idea of “perfection”
Because there is nothing called “perfect”, don’t let an unattainable ideal ruin your big day. Embrace the unexpected and don’t fret over the small details. You have planned a wedding that perfectly suits you and your groom. Hire a coordinator for the big day. Have faith in the people handling your wedding day and leave it up to them to take care of the small details.


Let go of your idea of “perfection”


Enjoy your day
In order to do so, leave all the stress behind and remember to take care of the last tasks on your to-do-list before your big day. Wake up with nothing do except your wedding make-up and hair. Savor every moment from getting ready to walking down the aisle and your first moments as husband and wife. Be present in each moment and remember why you are getting married. Don’t forget that it’s a celebration of the union between two people. This is your day so celebrate your love!


Enjoy your day


These are our special advices for a perfect wedding day. Do you have anything to add? We are waiting for your comments below.



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