How to plan a romantic wedding night

You definitely spent a lot of time planning for a perfect wedding day but not enough time preparing for your first night together as husband and wife. Once the guests leave, you and your spouse will be left alone, nervous and clueless on how to make this night unforgettable as the rest of the day unless you have thought of everything beforehand. So here are some tips that should help you go through this first night!


Focus on each other and forget the rest
Once you walk down the aisle and head to the wedding reception, forget about the pressure and leave it to the wedding planner to take care of the staff and guests. It is time to focus on making your wedding a memorable day for you and your spouse. Also, think of small romantic gestures throughout the day to keep you focused on each other and build anticipation as the wedding night approaches.




Relax and take your time
After a long day at the wedding reception celebrating, greeting guests and dancing, you both probably feel exhausted and sleepy so take it easy and relax before heading to your home or hotel room.
Start the night by communicating about your hopes and fears. Communication is key in a successful couple and your first night together should set the grounds for how your married life will be. Think of it as the beginning of your new life together. If you are nervous, talk about the amazing day that you just had and your feelings for one another.
One other tip to get rid of the stress is to get massages in the hotel room right after the wedding.




Make it a romantic night
You want to make your first night meaningful and romantic so have your room decorated with flowers and candles. If you are headed to a hotel room, let the bridesmaid or the hotel staff light the candles just before you arrive.
You can also fill the room with your favorite fragrances. Scents are proven to be related to our emotions and they can stimulate memories and moods.
One other tip that you can try is changing the lighting of the room. For example, you can replace the usual light bulbs with colored ones for a soft glow.  Put on some music and decorate the room with romantic pictures of the two of you.
Don’t forget that you can also bliss out in the tub so prepare ahead a romantic bath with rose petals, massage oils and candles.
One final romantic idea even if you are not the traditional type, let him carry you across the threshold. This tradition is traced back to Roman times and it is said to ensure good luck for the new married couple.




Some practical details
Romance is important but there are some practical details you should plan ahead.
Prepare a basket of snacks for the wedding night because you probably will be too busy to eat during the reception and will be starved at the end of the night. You can even ask the bridesmaid to prepare it for you. Think of strawberries, chocolate truffles and champagne or any other favorite snacks.
Furthermore, pack a bag of things you will need. Since you will be wearing a white wedding dress and you don’t want to walk out of the hotel the next day wearing it, think of bringing along some casual clothes, toiletries, comfortable shoes and a swimsuit if the hotel has a pool.




Finally get confident!
To make you feel more comfortable on your wedding night, don’t forget to take advantage of some bridal beauty pampering just before your Big Day. Also, pack some wedding night lingerie. Soft silky lingerie is always fun and will make you feel more self-confident. After all, confidence is sexy!





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