Esposa Presents Diamonds 101: What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

Your wedding dress might be the strongest revealer of your style and personality, but it’s surely not the only one. Engagement rings, just like bridal gowns, speak volumes about who you are, depending on their shape. Get to know more about each type of diamond and relate with the surprising things your diamond shape can reveal about you with Esposa’s diamond guide:

round cut

1- The Round Cut
You like classic timeless things that are naturally beautiful and don’t require extra efforts to stand out. You’ve always favored traditional romance and you’re proud to embrace it.

marquise cut

2- The Marquise Cut
This bigger shape of diamond shows a desire to stand out. Brides that go for the marquise cut tend to usually like big and sparkly things that place them at the center of attention.

princess cut

3- The Princess Cut
The second most popular shape of diamond, the princess cut is a fancy version of vintage for the bride who is not intimated to carry a bold four-cornered shape of sparkle on her finger.

emerald cut

4- The Emerald Cut
With an unmatched vintage look, this very rare diamond cut reflects a taste that recalls the glamour of queens and actresses. With an elongated shape, the emerald diamond gives the illusion of longer fingers with a luxurious touch that is unique to it.

Asscher cut

5- The Asscher Cut
Very close to the emerald cut, the Asscher is a square-shaped multi-faceted diamond that perfectly goes with the vintage bride who is crazy about that art deco style.

Cushion cut

6- The Cushion Cut
Also called the “pillow” cut, the cushion resembles a rectangle with rounded corners, a shape that fits well on the fingers of women who like to combine elegance with a touch of vintage.

heart cut

7- The Heart Cut
The ultimate symbol of romance, the heart-shaped diamond is for the sentimental bride who is adventurous enough to wear her love in the bluntest way.

oval cut

8- The Oval Cut
The oval shape is an alternative for round cut and a very popular choice among brides. Less common than its lookalike, it reveals a bride looking for sophisticated elegance in distinguished style.

pear cut

9- The Pear Cut
If your engagement ring is pear-shaped, it surely says a lot about your sense of individuality and your eagerness for uniqueness. This fancy diamond cut flatters fingers with a distinct touch of romance.

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