Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

There are many different wedding traditions, but “something old, something new” could be the most popular one. Coming from an old English rhyme, this tradition is said to bring good luck to your couple.


“Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue,
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.”


The tradition dates back to 1898 when brides used to incorporate these five items in their wedding outfit or carry them on their big day. They are considered good luck charms and tokens of love from the people close to you, although you can choose them yourself too. Today, as brides are looking to be more creative, they consider this tradition a fun way to personalize their wedding dress. Here’s how you can incorporate this tradition into your own wedding, disregarding the fifth one, since the sixpence is more of a British custom.


Something Old
Representing continuity, it is said that incorporating ‘something old’ into your wedding look will baffle the evil eye. With the vintage trend being en vogue, you can easily wear a few old items with your dress. If you want to keep it traditional, you can have something that comes from your mother or grandmother, like wedding jewelry. It could be a very sentimental touch. You can also sew some gems or beadings of them into your dress. Other old items you could wear are sashes, gloves and veils. If you want a new way to incorporate an old item, wrap your bridal bouquet with a photo locket containing an antique photo of loved ones who are no longer with you.




Something New
This item brings optimism for the future and is the easiest part of the tradition to fit in, as brides usually choose their wedding gown or jewelry as the ‘new item’. Choose a beautiful necklace or charming statement earrings to go with your dress, or any accessory you desire whilst shopping. It could be a good excuse after all to buy that item you had your mind on from the beginning! For a new take on this tradition, get some champagne flutes branded with your initials and use them to toast to your future as husband and wife.




Something Borrowed
This part of the tradition symbolizes borrowed happiness, and you can borrow anything you want from a happy bride you know. We’re sure she’ll feel flattered. Since veils are a classic item that never go out of style, you can borrow the one your sister got married in or even her shoes if you are the same size.  You could also borrow an old brooch of your mother or mother-in-law to decorate your bridal bouquet.




Something Blue
This color blue denotes purity, love and fidelity and has been connected with weddings since the dawn of time as brides during the Middle Ages used to wear blue wedding gowns (learn more about this tradition here). As a modern bride, you can add something blue to go with your white wedding dress, like royal blue pumps. You can also wear a blue garter or a blue sash. A great way to incorporate this tradition is to use blue stitching to have your wedding date and initials marked on the inside of your dress.




Are you going to incorporate these four items into your bridal look or wedding?



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