Spring 2014 Wedding Dress Trends

Wedding Dresses; like nature; change with the seasons in their beauty in colors, lengths and details that compliment each seasonal feel and ambiance. However, the final look every bride wants to attain is uniqueness, class, and royal!
Spring is exemplified by its floral aura, its flow-y nature and purity of rebirth. Spring’s 2014 trends are mixing the vintage with the modern twists and honestly we are loving them!

Speaking of the modern twist, Monique Lhuillier’s 2014 wedding dress collection highlights the short tea length dresses but also plays around cover ups and classy textures.
This short Monique Lhuillier dress conveys the feel of a free spirit. The classy lace off-the-shoulder part smoothly compliments the short “free” spirited flow-y bottom. This is a perfect dress for a cute small outdoorsy wedding.

The tea length always vibrated an aura of class in everything. Now imagine in wedding dresses! This wedding dress is full of life and compliments a sexy personality. Regardless of the traditional long dress, this dress below is ornamented with very slight lace designs that give it a vintage feel with a chic modern twist. Not to mention the cover up- the perfect finishing touch.

Cymbeline’s collection titled “Je Vous Aime” (I Love You) is guaranteed to make every bride to be fall in love with the dress of her dreams. The 2014 collection is exemplified by a French twist with a sprinkle of Hollywood chic. The Honda lace gown with detached long sleeves (below) illuminates the beauty of a refined traditional wedding dress with contemporary sense! We simply adore the “let go and be happy” feel of this dress.
cymbelline long sleeves

Another trend that is “in and here to stay” are illusion necklines. For those who find strapless wedding dresses a hassle to wear, well, this trend is catered to you! These dresses look graceful and maintain a royal aura. With a couple of accessories that praise this original taste, you will have a dress that will twist heads!
illusion - Enzoani

With the Great Gatsby style infiltrating its way into our fashion style, a lot of designers are embracing it in their collection. The loose elegant gowns flaunt the “roaring 20’s” attitude but maintain a grace that will captivate the breaths of many. Complimented with a vintage headpiece and a natural look, this glamorous dress will revive the Gatsby style in you!
1920's glamour

A wedding dress always has a statement but nothing is more dramatic than backless gowns. The “V” opening on the back is a very sexy and attractive touch to any dress. The dress below, hosts two trendy 2014 styles- the illusion necklines and the bare back- a beauty creation to drop jaws on your BIG DAY!
sexy back - lazaro

There is a peplum lover in every one of us. Today this style has made its way back from its fashion past and implemented itself into our everyday wear and now in our wedding dresses. The peplum design compliments every bride- it’s trendy, fashionable and gives you the beautiful silhouette you want to flaunt. The peplum design; while voluminous; hugs the waist and eliminates any attention from the hips for an elegantly minimalist effect.

We’ve seen and worn the high – low skirts and dresses all through the summer, but are you daring enough to wear a wedding gown of such a design. Well, nothing is stopping these designers from mixing the trends into the traditional princess-y wedding dress. These high –low dresses must be ornamented with great eye- catching shoes and a beautiful walk! We are sure some brides out there call pull off this look with pizzazz!

Lace, appliqués, beads, paillettes and embroidery have always been friends with wedding dresses. The slight touches of these elements can elevate the dress’s caliber from one level to another. Depending on the bride’s taste, the texture and appliqués can always be flexible to enhance the dresses’ appearance. Be it vintage lace, to modern paillettes or trendy appliqués – wedding gowns that host such elements always have a unique “aw” factor of their own.
textures - Monique lhuillier

Not a fan of elements? Strive towards the simple yet loud? Well, the jacquard fabrics and painted fabrics must be what you are looking for. The well woven patterns illuminate your wedding dress with elegance and purity. Your dress will host a classic appearance entwined with an artistic approach.
This gown design echoes in style and pulchritude.
jacquard -carolina herrera

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