The Veil: Make it or break it!

In the midst of the beautiful chaos you’ve dived into you’ve visited most bridal shops in Saudi Arabia and you’ve finally found the most perfect bridal dress in Saudi Arabia, gorgeous flower girl dresses and fitting bridesmaid’s dresses, but, have you given your wedding veil enough thought?

Often and more times than many, wedding veils are not given the attention they deserve and with statement headpieces making their debut on bridal runways, the veil is no longer a must for a modern bride. However the veil is still very much favored and choosing the right veil is crucial to complete your gorgeous look on your wedding day. Thanks to our expertise, here’s how to choose a fitting veil for your beautiful wedding dress.


lasposa-classic veil-


Embellished Gowns

Having insight to wedding dresses trending in 2016, it is safe to say embellished wedding gowns are still widely a preference. With embellished wedding dresses, there are two options; one being a sparkly yet classic veil, scattered with Swarovski. If you don’t fancy sparkle, another fitting option would be a veil with a hint of matching beadwork spotted along the edge.

Simple Wedding Dress

Liven up your simple yet gorgeous wedding gown with an angel cut veil trimmed in satin or organza. This will give your lovely face a beautiful frame as the veil cascades down, displaying the sheer fabric dramatically and elegantly.


long veil


Long-Train Wedding Gowns

This wedding dress gives you a number of choices as long as it doesn’t feature heavy back details. A cathedral veil will create a dramatic and ethereal look when paired with long train dresses. For an ultimate elegant look, ensure the veil extends past the train especially if it is profoundly beaded.


marchesa-short veil


Modern Wedding Dress

A shorter veil accents beautifully modern wedding dresses such as mermaid gowns, fit-and-flare and tea-length wedding dresses. For a gorgeous complete look ensure your veil sits directly above your elbows.


oscardelarenta-modern short veil copy


Vintage Wedding Dress

If you prefer a vintage wedding dress, pair it with a birdcage veil. Go all out and complete the vintage look with simple, statement birdcage veil.


lusan mandongus-birdcageveil copy


Short Wedding Dress

One simple rule: the shorter the dress, the shorter the veil. Select a birdcage veil or a multiple layer veil provided it’s in a short length.

ML-chapel veil copy


Bohemian Dress

For the free spirited brides getting married oceanfront, seek a chapel veil; a chapel veil is the ultimate choice for a beach wedding as it flows in the wind displaying a whimsical look and feel.


classic veil

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