Esposa Recommends: Head-to-toe Prep Guide to Look Flawless on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding date is set and sleepless nights are your new best friend? Rest assured you’re no exception to any other bide preparing for her big day. However, being an early-bird planner can save you a lot of stress and allow part of your time and budget to be allocated for beauty treatments so you can look flawless wh¬en saying your “I do”. Esposa prepared a handy guide that will help you know what to do beauty-wise:

1- Love your facials
Starting your facials six months before your wedding will help you get the skin you dream of for your big day. Ask specialists for the care and aftercare products that will help you treat any skin problems, fatigue, or flaws you have and prepare you to glow on your wedding!


2- Get that body working
Needless to say that weekly workout not only makes you feel better but also enhances your level of energy and helps boost your immunity, two things you crucially need while preparing for your wedding! Try to allocate 3 hours at least per week for exercising as it will keep you fit and rejuvenate those body cells. Trust us, you need every ounce of energy to keep up with the exhaustion of this phase!

3- Call that night early
It’s no secret that sleeping early is the number one tip to look in the best shape. Even if you’re not the “sleeping early” type, it’s time to change that habit, at least few months before your wedding! We can all here at Esposa assure you, y¬¬ou can be surprised at how beneficial this could be for your body. We’re talking weight loss, immunity boost, more energy, more productive days, and a healthier life!

4- Consider your brows
Perfect eyebrows? That’s nearly impossible, right? Another reason to plan ahead on how you will work on making your brows look their best on your wedding day. Sometimes, they only need to be left untouched for few months to go back to being beautiful, other times they might need a laser or 3D intervention. Whatever your case is, considering your brows beforehand will guarantee the best outcome possible.


5- Work on that tan
You definitely want to have that “glow” look on when you say your “I do”. Experimenting with the shade that matches best with your skin color will help you avoid any unwanted surprise. It’s important to know that an Airbrush tan needs to be done 3 days before the wedding, in case any retouching is needed on the big day.

6- Take care of your smile
If you plan on showing that smile, which you will probably wear every second of your wedding day, make sure to have it ready and shining! Haven’t visited your dentist for a while? Time to get that done! Since dentist visits are never a one-timer, make sure to start caring for your teeth six months at least before your wedding, in case you face some bad surprises!

7- Test your wedding look
How you will look on your wedding day should be a surprise to your guests, not to you. Hair and makeup trials are made to give you a preview on how different styles can look on you, and allow the time to make the changes you want to look the princess you’ve always dreamt of being on your big day!

Since it’s always better to refer to a bridal consultant for your wedding dress and your beauty look, do not hesitate to consult Esposa team for the most elegant wedding dresses in Lebanon, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and for you to score that perfect bridal look!

About Esposa

Esposa is a luxury bridal boutique that offers complete weeding looks for brides-to-be, from ready and tailor-made dream gowns to wedding shoes and accessories, in addition to a wide local and international selection of evening dresses. Our stores are located in Lebanon (Dbayeh, Verdun and Beirut downtown), Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

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