10 Exclusive EsposAura Headpieces to Die For

Every girl deserves to feel like a princess, at least on her wedding day. While Esposa knows perfectly how to take care of that, it’s important to mention that a royal wedding look is never complete without its own headpiece. However, choosing one might seem easier than it really is. More than a decorative item, a headpiece should come to praise your face shape, your hairstyle, your wedding dress, and your personality, while fitting your hair comfortably, without being too heavy or too light and Esposa will help you find the perfect one for you! Since headpieces can as well constitute a base for veils, which are generally removed after the ceremony, it’s important to make sure your headpiece would still fit the look you want during the reception or wedding party.

While back pieces usually work with any face shape, other headpieces like tiaras, headbands, or flower arrangements need to be chosen more carefully.

If you’re looking for the headpiece that would best highlight your wedding dress and add the perfect finishing touch, look no further than EsposAura’s collection, designed exclusively by Aura for Esposa and available at all our Esposa and Esposa P0rive’ boutiques! Here are our 10 favorites:


1- Zahra
This flower crown headpiece makes the perfect romantic wedding hair accessory. Graceful with a touch of boho, it matches greatly the simple bride looking for an elegantly natural look.


2- Dana
This floral white pearl and gold headpiece worn flat against the head in roman style falls perfectly on long free-flowing hair with natural styling. Its fresh design fits the unconventional bride looking for a flirtatious look of love.


3- Asma
No confusion in knowing how to wear this headpiece. Simple and elegant, it naturally styles your hair and adds a touch of silver glamour to your wedding gown.


4- Siham
Refined in every way, this EsposAura crown is the finishing touch you want for your royal wedding look. Its unique design can fit any hairstyle, natural, lifted, or half-lifted, pairing well with both traditional and modern bridal styles.


5- Alia
This sumptuous leaf-design comb is a beautiful piece of adornment for your wedding day. Wear it alone or attach it to your veil for the utmost touch of glamour and elegance.


6- Amira
This two-strip glittery-bead headband rests majestically on the head. Adaptable to multiple hairstyles, it matches well a princess or a mermaid wedding dress style that would highlight the feminine allure in an elegant way.


7- Rola
We love this take of the traditional crown! Its elegantly modern design will praise any wedding style and mostly flatter the royal dreamy bridal look.


8- Amal
Wear your veil in style with this stunning headpiece from EsposAura. Intricately worked, it holds your hairstyle perfectly and makes a beautiful base for your veil.


9- Leyla
This Grace Kelly-style inspired headpiece completes the look of elegance. We see it perfectly matching a high-neck dress with a plunging back and a long princess train. A guaranteed look of “Grace-ful” glamour.


10- Salwa
This beautiful half-crown is worn as a back headpiece, styling the hair in a natural way and highlighting the “verso” of a bride. Goes perfectly with a sophisticated gown’s back, be it plunging or presenting intricate embroidery or lace work.
Are you a bride-to-be looking for the perfect bridal look? With our wide collection of wedding dresses in Lebanon, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, in addition to our exclusive selection of bridal accessories and EsposAura headpieces, you’re guaranteed to find the complete look of love you’ve always dreamed of. Check them on Aura’s website! https://www.auraheadpieces.com/

About Esposa
Esposa is a bridal boutique that is all about luxury brands offering every bride-to-be a one-stop store to find and shop her wedding look including her dream gown, the perfect wedding shoes and the accessories that she needs. The Esposa boutiques are located in Lebanon (Dbayeh and Verdun) and Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi. The Esposa Prive boutiques are located in Down Town, Lebanon and Dubai.

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