6 Tips to Plan the Picture-Perfect Wedding Photos!

When the music fades and the flowers are gone, the only thing that will make the memories live forever are photographs. When it comes to your big day, you want to them to be nothing less than fabulous. Finding a talented photographer is a great start but your input is more than crucial to make that photo shoot a success! Here are some recommendations from Esposa to you:


1-Do you research 
Finding the photography style you like and the talent who can offer that is as tricky as choosing your wedding theme or decoration. Start your homework early by researching the styles you would want for your wedding photos and by looking for wedding photographers that would match your taste, whether online or through friends’ recommendations.

2-Get inspired
Preparing example shots, angles, or mood boards to show the photographer will tremendously facilitate the task. By knowing what you have in mind or the style you fancy, he will be able to give you the photo shoot you dream of, saving considerable back and forth.


3-Check your options
Don’t settle for the first photographer you like. It’s always better to weigh your options and compare in quality, style, and price before you make up your mind. Recommendations from close people to you are usually reliable advice to take into consideration during your decision making process.

4-Schedule a meeting
Meeting with your photographer several months before your wedding is a must. You can’t base your choice only on photography style; feeling comfortable with the person who will be taking the most personal pictures of you is more than important. Meet in person with him or her to ask all the questions you have and discuss all the necessary details.

5-Schedule a Prewedding Shoot
Whether you’ve hired your photographer or not, a prewedding photo shoot is the most guaranteed way to know if he’s/she’s the one. It’s definitely worth paying few extra pennies to make sure that you’re 100% comfortable with your choice and to have the chance to see yourself in his/her lens and give any feedback you deem necessary before the big day.

6-Plan your “me” time
The moment you start receiving your guests, you won’t have a minute for yourself. Book a private session with your photograph before the ceremony, preferably early in the morning right after you’ve put the last touches to your wedding look to guarantee your hair and makeup would be at their best. Choose a place that will make a magical background for your pictures and allocate enough time to try all the angles and shots you’ve always dreamed of having for yourself. (Side note: Don’t be afraid to go wild. Daring places such as abandoned houses in nature or wild forests can make the most artistic photo shoots!)


If you think you need more advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of bridal consultants. They are available around the clock to assist you in anything you need and help you choose your perfect wedding look amongst a wide selection of wedding dresses in Lebanon, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi!

About Esposa

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