Esposa’s Favorite Veil Styles Inspirations for 2017!

Exactly like wedding dresses, bridal veils set new trends for every season, offering brides-to-be beautiful ways to accessorize their wedding gowns. As exciting as it looks, 2017 introduces new veil trends that make the veil tradition ever more glamorous and essential for a complete wedding look.

Whether you have or haven’t picked your wedding dress yet, Esposa presents you with the trendiest veil styles that you have to consider before setting your mind on the right bridal look for you:

1- The Halo Veil
Esposa designs the halo veil to cover your entire head and torso. Because it’s not pinned into your hair, it is usually weighed down by a hair vine or headpiece that gives it a bohemian look. Suitable for simple bridal looks distinguished by a Bohemian or Oriental twist.

boho veil

2- The Classic Cathedral Veil
This classic “royal veil” never goes out of style. Placed at the back of the head and falling three and a half yards from the headpiece, this iconic accessory remains our preferred choice at Esposa and that of many brides looking for the traditional touch of elegance.

3- The Boho Veil
The bohemian style has taken new forms when it comes to veils this year. Combined with a touch of lace, this style of veil becomes the utterly romantic accessory and a gorgeous finishing touch to wear with your simple A-line gown.

4- The Birdcage Veil
Looking for the right touch to complete your vintage-glam wedding look? Look no further than the birdcage veil. This cage netting eye-level style gives timeless elegance while ensuring the flirty look of a sexy bride.

boho veil2

5- The Mantilla Veil
The Mantilla is a Spanish-style circular veil that comes to frame the face, whether hip or cathedral-length. Usually made with lace or lace-edge tulle, this year’s designs have added their own touch to it for a more modern and playful look.

6- The Juliet Cap
2017 wears the Juliet Cap style in its own way. Adorned with flowers and pinned back with combs and pins, this veil is the ultimate touch of style for your vintage or bohemian bridal look.

7- The Lace Veil
The lace veil is the answer for any bride looking for a discrete touch of sophisticated in her wedding look. Heavily embroidered, the lace veil could be everything an elegant bridal look needs and can rely on Esposa to provide it!

8- The Bandeau Veil
Another take on the birdcage veil, the bandeau veil masks strictly the eyes, adding an element of mystery and seduction to your bridal look and offering great ways to flatter with your hairstyle.

lace veil
Are you hitched already? If you are and you’re looking for the perfect accessories for your wedding dress, in Lebanon, Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Esposa offers you a wide selection of bridal accessories to complete the wedding look of your dreams.

About Esposa
Esposa is a bridal boutique offering every bride-to-be a one-stop store to find and shop her wedding look including her dream gown, the perfect wedding shoes and the accessories that she needs.
The Esposa boutiques, offering accessible and trendy gowns, are located in Lebanon (Dbayeh and Verdun) and Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi.
The Esposa Prive’ boutiques, offering luxurious and romantic gowns, are located in Down Town, Lebanon and Dubai.

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