Wedding Overboard

Let’s take a moment to be real and address some wedding realities that an average bride will not tell you. Wedding planning is exciting, however at times it can be very tough. Brides often find themselves subjected to a set of rules and guidelines, you can call them a set of unspoken standards if you please, those are established by society and are practised by many brides afraid to shy away from these social norms. It’s perfectly understandable! Big weddings are very much on the scene and they don’t seem to be getting any smaller. It seems as though brides are in a constant competition where her wedding has to be bigger and better than the wedding of other brides. But how much wedding is too much? When should a bride hit the breaks and settle for what is within her means? Is it really necessary to arrive to your wedding night, sitting on a star lowered on to centre stage? Oh yes, believe me, I have witnessed it.

The perfect wedding seems to only be achieved when you have exhausted all the wedding trends, your efforts and your money. Brides are going over the top with everything, starting from the venue, bands, famous musicians, to cars, whatever it is you name it they’ve done it. It seems that the perfect wedding has got to be big, big on invitees, the flowers, the entertainment etc.
My point is, that you can have a prefect wedding without having to go overboard and tire out all the trends and themes. Here are a few tips to keep it simple and take it down a notch when you have to.

Although you would love to have the musician of your dream perform at your wedding, I suggest you scout out some uprising local bands and artists that will create an ambience by livening up your wedding and getting the guests dancing.
Entertaining your guests can be done in many ways other than hiring performers. For example get your bridal party to challenge the grooms men to a dance off.

You don’t need to get your wedding catered by the finest catering company; a local catering company will do the job and set up some fun food stations. For example hire an ice-cream bar or a live dessert making station such as crepes and doughnuts. The whole point is to be creative, original and think outside the box.

Swap the over the top venues for an outdoor wedding. The venue itself is useless without the beautiful arrangements and the little details that create the perfect wedding vibes so focus your efforts on perfecting those, rather than booking a fancy venue.

Last but not least! My advice is less is more, do not let the dress distract from your entire look and your silhouette. Choose a dress that completes your look and goes with your wedding theme and at the same time amplifies your natural beauty. If its lace pair it with simple materials such as silks and organza, don’t go overboard with embellishment and lace, keep a balance between the fabrics and most importantly stay within your budget

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