What drinks to serve at your wedding

Deciding what drinks to serve at your wedding can be a tough task. In addition to the drinks to be served with the meal, there is also the welcome drink and the mandatory champagne. That’s why, we have compiled for you a list of tips about drinks you can serve at your wedding so you and your guests can enjoy a long night of celebrations.


Celebrate with champagne
It is the perfect celebratory drink with its bubbly texture. From the welcome drinks to the toasting and wedding cake, it is present at every important moment of your big day. The cost of the bottle can vary according to the quality at hand. Since it’s your wedding, here’s a little tip to spot the finest bubblies: look for these terms on the label: ‘méthode traditionelle’, ‘méthode champenoise’ or ‘bottle fermented’. These show that the champagne was matured the traditional way.


Choose your wine
Wine is mostly served with the meal and should always be chosen according to the time of your wedding. If your event is in the summer season, choose white wine, rosés and lighter reds like cabernet franc or pinot noir. If you are having a winter wedding, then stronger wines like merlots and Bordeaux are better suited. Also, consider pairing your wine with your food to enhance the flavors. Red wine goes with red meat and white wine with white meat and fish.



Serve some punch
Don’t forget that there are people who prefer non-alcoholic drinks and nothing says party more than a fruit punch. Serve them the traditional way in a punch bowl, so people can fill and refill their cups as much as they want! We recommend the delicious Sparkling punch. With its pink color and sweet-and-sour taste, it pairs tangy pink lemonade, cranberry juice and club soda. Or you can use champagne for the alcoholic version.


Garnish with fruits
A wedding drink is not only about the ingredients and the mixing. It is also about the garnish. For a very special welcome drink, nothing beats champagne and fruits. You can decorate the champagne flutes with slices of pears for instance or skewered blueberries.




Serve a signature cocktail
The best way to make your wedding as personalized as possible is by serving special drinks. You can get inspired by your wedding theme. For instance, serve some Limoncello if you are having an Italian theme. You can also serve a drink inspired by your honeymoon destination or choose cocktails that have a personal significance for you and your groom like the drink you had on your first date. You can make it even more personal by renaming drinks to be reflective of you and your groom or choose drinks that have a perfect name for a wedding like the “Golden Groom” and “Blushing Bride”.


The Honeymoon cocktail
It is a classic drink and its name is perfectly suitable for a wedding celebration. It combines apple brandy, Benedictine (an herb-and-spice based spirit) and lemon juice. Honeymoon cocktail is best served shaken over ice and in martini glasses. Garnish with thin slices of apples.




These were our ideas for a long night filled with celebrations. Is there a particular drink you enjoy at weddings?


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