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So often brides-to-be have dreamed of their fairy tale wedding since they were a little girl, and they want to feel like a princess on their special day. If this is how you feel, you’ve likely been thinking about choosing a tiara or beautiful veil to be the crowning glory to your wedding gown.
Flower Head accessories

First the Dress
Tiara Headpiece veil
You’ll need to find your wedding dress before even considering a veil, tiara, comb or headband. You want the style of your headpiece to complement that of your wedding gown. Once you have the gown, you can search for the head accessory that works best with the kind of dress you chose.

Consult Your Hairstylist
Wedding Headpiece Accessories
It’s a wise idea to make an appointment for a wedding consultation with your stylist prior to deciding on the type of wedding headpieces you might want to wear. Your stylist can help you decide whether you look best with your hair in an elaborate up do or if wearing it down and flowing is best for your look and to go with your dress. Once you’ve decided on a hairstyle, you can then narrow down your headpiece to a particular kind. Combs are great for up dos, while a veil can work with most hairstyles.

Floral wedding Headpiece

Don’t Wait
Finally, it’s important that you don’t wait until the last minute to shop for your perfect hair accessory. There are a ton of bridal collections out there, and finding just the right crowning glory can take time. Give yourself at least a couple months to shop around and try out several options.

Though the options can be overwhelming, you’re sure to find just the right bridal headpiece for you when you follow these tips.

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