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For your wedding makeup, make sure to choose the makeup palette that best matches your eyes and hair.
Find out the right makeup to match eye color and hair color here!
When it comes to makeup on your wedding day, it’s very important to go for the style that most reflects who you are and makes you feel special and comfortable at the same time. Several factors should be taken into consideration so that you look effortlessly flawless!

For your wedding, and any occasion actually, make sure your makeup palette complements both your eye color and hair color.

Wedding Makeup for Different Eye Colors
If your eyes are green, a lot of colors will enhance your eyes, such as violet, burgundy, brown, gold, and indigo. For your wedding day, neutrals are preferable so opt for nude browns with golden hues that will make your eyes pop.

If your eyes are blue, and depending on your taste, go for makeup colors in the shades of yellow, light copper, blue and fuchsia. For a wedding, light copper would look great although you can still pull off the other shades in soft tones.

If your eyes are brown, you are lucky because a wide spectrum of colors work for you. Metallic shadows such as silver and bronze, classic colors such as brown and champagne, and even more sultry hues such as teal and green, are all great options for you. So your decision here will depend on your preference or your wedding theme and color.

Wedding Makeup for Different Hair Colors
On blondes, berry colored lips would look stunning. Match with a little shimmer on the eyelids, and you will be glowing on your wedding day.

For brunettes, avoid nudes and browns as these will make you look pale. Opt instead for the purple family to flatter your brown or black hair.

For red hair, create an impeccable look with a touch of electric green eyeliner.


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