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December, 2015

Esposa Introduces: The dress that tells you a story

Every once in a while, a bride comes a long seeking to resist traditions, opting for a wedding theme that is relevant to her lifestyle. Understandably so, traditional wedding dresses and wedding themes do not seem to compliment athlete brides, the nature lover bride or the hipster bride. Choosing the right wedding gown doesn’t have to be difficult, at Esposa there is the perfect wedding dress for every bride.


Here’s a sneak peak into the perfect wedding gowns for the type of bride you are! The GLAM An admirer of traditional wedding dresses, who has envisioned her wedding day as a grand affair steeped in tradition. The Angelina dress is the dress she has pictured herself wearing on her big day. There is nothing overly complicated about a traditional wedding dress, it is simple, slightly conservative yet exuding elegance and regal beauty. Chantilly lace gracefully covers the arms, while leaving the brides neck and shoulders bare, to highlight her glowing skin. The contrast of material in both the bodice and the skirt provides a gorgeous fairy-tale-like silhouette, making it the ideal choice for a Queen bride. The SPORTY Unlike your workout routine, the structure of your wedding dress is simple, showing off your hard work. Having a minimalist structure, the Viva dress provides sanctity in the manner of it’s draped Chantilly lace while strutting your collarbone and gorgeously displaying your beautifully sculpted silhouette. To make the dress a little more dramatic, the train of the skirt falls gracefully behind you giving you weightless and ethereal look. The GREEN For the free-spirited nature lover and intellectual bride seeking to amplify her natural beauty on her wedding day, the Gardenia dress is the perfect wedding gown for you. Its femme theme enables you to project your simple yet natural beauty. Its tea length paired with cascading floral lace, gives you infinite options to accessorise and incorporate your dress with your favourite nature theme. Wear a statement hair accessory to complement the dress. The BOHO The hipster is a true definition of an unconventional bride, seeking any theme but traditional and feeding of creativity to perfect her wedding day. Hazel dress is a favourite. Strapless drop waist transformed ball gown, featuring a delicate lace bodice, cinching in the waist elegantly. Covered in a densely patterned skirt infused with lace, providing the hipster bride with a bold and seductive look, while highlighting her body’s natural contour.

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