10 tips to look slimmer on your wedding day



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1. Try avoiding those little bites of cake here and there while doing the tasting for your wedding cake, deserts and menu. By doing that you will prevent those little hidden calories form adding up!
So researchers say that the best way to avoid this kind of weight gain before your wedding is to actually track and monitor your food.


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2. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day is breakfast.
Eating a healthy meal in the morning kick starts your metabolism and sets the energy for your busy day preparing for your wedding.
So your less hungry during meals and which pushes you to choose healthy lunch choices.


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3. Staying fit and healthy is keeping with both a balanced diet and a fitness program. To be able to shed those extra pounds before your wedding with all the temptations around you need to stick to a set schedule and make a space for it among all the other dinners and parties your friends and family are planning for you.


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4. Pre wedding parties are tricky when it comes to alcohol consumption, which is pretty high in calories. It bloats you and can lead to excess water retention in your body that can add inches around the waist and hips. So limit your servings of alcohol and opt for low calorie drinks.


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5. Getting enough sleep is vital for your health and weight. You might not have the time to get the checklist done but sleep is a major point on that list. Lack of sleep can hinder your weight loss program and increase the cravings due to stress. Yu should get at least 7 to 9 hours per night and catch and catch a 20 min nap. To regenerate your brain cells and have more focus on things.


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6. Keeping yourself active during the day is actually a kind of exercise but it doesn’t replace the fitness program it ads on it. The more dynamic activity you can add to your days (in addition to planned fitness) the better off you’ll be.


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7. Healthy Snacking between meals is a smart way to keep your metabolism running and keep hunger away. Try not to stay more than 4 hours without a healthy bite.




8. A future bride is always worried and stressed about every detail concerning her wedding. Stressing too much doesn’t help with weight loss and makes you anxious and hungry. So try to take a few minutes to do some breathing exercises and hot baths to relieve the stress.




9. Studies state that drinking water throughout the day helps in weight loss because it drains excess after retention and you end up eating fewer calories during the day found that when people drink more water throughout the day because you become fuller. So sipping water between bites prevents you form overeating.


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10. Don’t panic stay calm. The calmer the nerves the better results you get with your body and mind because they work together to keep you fit, healthy and energetic

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