5 Essential Lessons from the First Year of Marriage

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest. I say it doesn’t necessarily have to be true. My first year of marriage hasn’t been always easy, but definitely amazing and worth every moment. Here are the top life-changing lessons I learnt which, I believe, can help any couple go through their first and every year together better.

1- Love is selfless
Being married taught me, first and foremost, that it’s not about me only anymore. When you love someone and share your life with them, you discover that your happiness relies on theirs. You learn to put your couple’s wellbeing first, and this is where the magic happens.

2- Pre-marriage communication is key
Communication is key at any stage of a couple’s relationship. However, asking and answering the difficult questions BEFORE getting married helps in laying the ground and shared values on which your relation will be built, and avoid any unwanted “surprises”.

3- Your partner has an opinion too
Well, I obviously knew that, but taking it into account in my daily life was something else. You’ll find accepting your partner’s opinion in what you have to buy or do is not an easy exercise, but you’ll learn to enjoy its “pros” fast enough.

4- You have to let go
Most women are perfectionist and want their relationship to be like the image they’ve always had of it. This is practically impossible. You’ll have to accept the things you can’t change in your partner and learn to forgive and let go. There is no true love without compassion and tolerance.

5- Keep it light
A little bit of laughter can cure anything, and has helped us turn tense moments into lighter ones. Taking a more light-hearted approach to your couple life is a decision you can take that makes everything a lot more fun!

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