Bridal Trends to Inspire You in 2021 and Beyond

A wedding day is one of the most fashionable moments in a woman’s life. If you will be getting married next year, one of the things that you should do is to check out the bridal trends for 2021. Trends include everything from top seasonal colors, wedding gown styles, cake designs, souvenirs, decor, and even favorite wedding dress designers.

We at Esposa Group stay on top of these trends because we are among the leading suppliers of bridal needs in the MENA region. Therefore, if you are hoping to pull off a trendy wedding that’s sure to be memorable, we have all the vital information you need. Check out our list of wedding trends to anticipate below.

1. Comfortable Wedding Dresses

Yes, looking grand on your big day is still a must, but a lot of wedding dress designers are no longer just focusing on creating wedding gowns that make brides the most beautiful beings on the day they say “I do.” They are factoring in comfort as well.

Thus, you will find more funky designs such as shorts worked into ruffled skirts, suits, dresses with detachable pieces for better mobility for the bride, and two or three-piece dresses (such as Monique Lhuillier bridal separates).

2. Colored Wedding Dresses

In 2021, expect wedding dresses to come in different colors — and we’re not talking about blush or cream. There will be a lot of blues, purples, yellows, golds, ombrés, and colorful prints and embellishments such as peacock feathers, and embroideries in the actual hues of flowers.

3. No-Cake Wedding Cake

There surely will be more of those cream puff towers instead of wedding cakes for the big day. They are easier to serve and are actually less expensive, although just as sweet and delicious. Other sweet treats that are likely to replace wedding cakes are cookies, macarons, eclairs, donuts, chocolate truffles, fruit tarts, bagels, and even cheese and fruit.

4. Cozy and Small Ceremony and Reception

Frugality and minimalism are strong movements, and these are two factors driving more couples to choose a cozy and small celebration of their big day. But, for others, the priorities are convenience and practicality, and these two are easier to achieve with a micro wedding.

So, the projection is that in the year to come, practical and small weddings will be the choice of a lot of young couples. This may even become your choice if it’s more important for you to launch your married life in a more financially secure position.

5. Toned Down Feast

Instead of such a diverse spread of food for the reception, the trend for 2021 is a toned-down feast — after all, most guests are more focused on the social aspect of the occasion. Young people these days enjoy a casual setup, so a food truck to cater to the wedding is a smart decision; ditto with a reception meal that is just a giant cheese and charcuterie board, plus wine.

6. Self-Service Bar

To ensure everybody’s good time during the reception, self-service bars will be used more in 2021. However, this is not just for the sake of maintaining a more social atmosphere. Do-it-yourself bars are now so much easier to pull off with beverage dispensers that can be rented for special occasions.

7. Games

Instead of dancing, which you must admit can be quite awkward for a lot of people (there’s always the fear of getting turned down or not getting asked to dance), let games take over in creating a fun and sociable atmosphere.

Lawn games such as bowling, skeeter ball, corn in the hole, and all kinds of relays will draw up a lot of laughs. Meanwhile, for the quiet and more reserved guests, Trivial Pursuit, Jeopardy, Name that Tune, and other mind games will serve as appropriate entertainment. As for the prizes, they don’t have to cost a lot. Fun and kitschy items are much appreciated.

8. Consumable Souvenirs

When it comes to wedding souvenirs, the trend is to make them consumable because typical keepsakes are just more likely to end up as clutter or trash. The best consumable souvenirs are food items such as mints and other candies, cookies, cupcakes, and macarons. Other worthy options are hand sanitizers, scented candles in a can, and small bottles of liquor.

9. Support-a-Cause Gifts

Millennials are considered the most generous generation, which is why including charitable gifts in the registry is bound to be a hit. It meets the values of young couples and most of their guests. It’s also an excellent way to diversify the gift registry and give back. After all, a wedding is a blessing, and it’s nice to extend the abundance of the occasion to causes that need financial support.

Those are the bridal trends that you can expect to witness in the next year. If you notice, a lot of them are deviations from wedding day conventions, but they can be expected to increase the joy and meaning of such an important day.

If you are looking for other wedding day inspirations, our team at Esposa Group, a trusted bridal boutique in Dubai, can provide you with a lot of ideas on our blog. And if you are ready to shop for the wedding dress of your dreams, visit our shop. Our consultants will be more than happy to assist you.

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