Our 10 favorite cheesy love movies for a cozy night in

Got nothing planned on a chilly night in? Whether you’re forcing your husband into a chick flick or having a girls’ night, nothing beats a warm and delightful love movie! From light romantic comedies to heart-warming romances full of drama, we got you covered with our 10 favorite cheesy love movies!


1. Titanic
This 1997 classic romantic movie will forever remain our favorite! Jack Dawson, a poor artist, falls in love with seventeen-year old Rosy DeWitt Bukater on a luxurious but doomed ship called the Titanic. Dramatic yet romantic, filled with suspense and characters that immediately gain a place in our hearts, Titanic has well earned its famous reputation as a movie.


2. Pretty Woman
Richard Gere and Julia Roberts? This is already enough to alarm our weaknesses! This 1990 classic romantic comedy makes us all attentively escort the two characters through their love journey. From social escort to lover of a very successful man, Roberts takes part in the ultimate love tale with dreamy Richard Gere.


3. The Fault in our Stars
Hazel and Augustus, two cancer patients, fall in love and go on a journey to visit an author that Hazel is very fond of, in Amsterdam. This touching movie, once watched, remains forever unforgettable.


4. The Notebook
Another classic romantic that is a must-watch! Allie and Noah fall in love during the summer but their social divergence cause them to separate. The strength and interminable nature of their love is admirable and will make you dream heavily, following their adventures.


5. A Walk to Remember
Popular student falls in love with nerdy reverend’s daughter? Doesn’t it scream cheesy? Yet, it remains one of our favorite romantic drama. Landon and Jamie understand the true meaning of love and fate at a young age and realize that they would do anything for one another, no matter the obstacles. Their story makes us all fantasize.


6. P.S. I Love You
Losing her husband for an illness, Holly would have never expected all the measures he took to make sure she would go on after losing him. He helps her rediscover herself and ease her pain through different ways after passing away. It’s an original movie that deviates a bit from the Hollywood cliché, yet definitely worthy of being on our list.


7. Dear John
This not-so-old movie is also a must-watch with (dreamy Channing Tatum), a soldier who falls in love with (Amanda Seyfried) a conservative college student during his leave. What will their love lead to when 9/11 takes place and duty calls? This movie assembles the perfect peripeteia to accompany us on our night in!


8. The Vow
An accident causes Paige to severely lose her memory, so husband Leo works strenuously to win her heart again. A love story doesn’t get more romantic! Husbands, fiancés, boyfriends, this is a prototypical manual for guidelines. So watch and learn! Chick flicks aren’t so useless after all.


9. Friends with Benefits
While the title takes your mind away from the Hollywood love clichés, do not get fooled! This movie does have its place in the cheesy love movies category! Trying to add innocent sex to a friendship turns out to be not that innocent. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake form the perfect funny couple who try their best not to fall in love, but… we won’t be spoilers. Head on to watch it!


10. Me before you
Considered a variation from the list of classics, this recent movie is also an essential. Emilia Clarke falls in love with recently paralyzed Sam Claflin who lost all kinds of joyfulness. None of them knows how they are going to affect each other and change each others lives forever!

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