Bridal shower ideas for the soon to be bride!

If you are searching for bridal shower ideas to get inspired for your bestie and your sister who is planning for her wedding, before she ways “I Do”, then this blog post is for you!

We all know that there are a lot of celebrations associated with weddings besides the wedding ceremony itself. There’s the engagement party, bachelorette party, and bridal shower, to name a few. But what is a bridal shower exactly? What is the etiquette and how to throw a bridal shower? These are questions we will answer as you read on, as we’ll also provide you with some exciting bridal shower ideas!

What is a bridal shower?

Before we start off with the bridal shower ideas for 2021, if you still don’t know what exactly is a bridal shower and how to throw it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

The bridal shower is a gathering to celebrate the bride-to-be. They are typically daytime events which takes place on a weekend afternoon and attended by the women who are close to the bride. Traditionally, guests bring gifts for the bride-to-be’s new house or honeymoon. The event takes place over brunch or lunch, and oftentimes with wedding-themed games.

What happens at a bridal shower?

There is a new trend in bridal showers to include activities. So, if you are searching for bridal shower ideas, you can purchase printed games that quiz guests about the bride-to-be. You can also ask the bride questions you’ve already asked the groom. For every one of her answers that doesn’t match her fiancé’s, she has to add a stick of bubble gum in her mouth.

This could lead to a lot of bubble gums in her mouth and plenty of fun photos and amazing memories, for sure! As a next step, usually following games and dessert the bride-to-be will open gifts from her guests!

Now it’s time we get into a detailed bridal shower guide!


  • Ribbon: For this, you don’t need to pay a lot for fancy calligraphy place cards to welcome your guests! They will still love finding their seats with some colorful ribbon or nametags.
  • Flowers: Showers and flowers go hand-in-hand no matter the season, do you think so? Consider buying colorful for table centerpieces or entryway décor.
  • Splattered Balloon Letters: Whether it spells out “Love,” “Mrs.” or the bride’s name, a balloon letter sign looks completely cool!
  • Affordable décor: No need to invest your money for the bridal shower. When stacked, a few rustic crates make cute, shabby-chic tables, which you can top with florals in jars.

Add a fun touch to the bridal shower

  • Fun game: Quiz all the girls out there to find out who knows the soon-to-be bride the most with a fun party game. As we previously mentioned, you can ask the bride questions you’ve already asked the groom. For every one of her answers that doesn’t match her fiancé’s, she has to add a stick of bubble gum in her mouth or a piece of cake.
  • Photo Booth Props: Buy a fun Instagram-style printable photo booth prop to encourage guests to snap a few pics with the bride-to-be.
  • Countdown Prop: One of the coolest bridal shower ideas, a customized countdown prop for the big day, to snap some pics as well.
  • Wooden spoons: Given that she’s going to spend a good chunk of time in the kitchen, have each guest write a piece of marital advice onto a wooden spoon, bundle them together in a jar and give them to the bride-to-be to take home with her!
  • Photos and balloons: Rather than framing pictures as decorations, hang photos of the couple from balloons for a truly fascinating display.

Food and desserts

Because celebrating is always better when you’re eating, here are some food and desserts ideas for bridal shower:

  • Bite-size sandwiches: For the food and desserts, try bite-size sandwiches! Not only are these mini bites easy to make but they are also a delicious treat for your guests.
  • Cheese boards: Cheese boards are always a crowd-pleaser. Blend local cheeses with fresh fruit and grilled veggies and let guests build their own plates.
  • Watermelon bites: Watermelon will be a refreshing treat in hot weather. Pair the cubes with whipped cheese and balsamic for a savory bite.
  • Macarons: The fact that they are bite-sized makes macarons the ideal party treat. They are available in almost every shade, so macarons are easy to match to any bridal shower theme.
  • Donuts: Dress up your favorite flavors with icing and toppings to match your shower theme. Serve them as a sugary treat towards the end of the bridal party.

Finally, there’s a reason they call it a bridal shower! It means to shower the bride-to-be with love, gifts, and well wishes, all while she’s surrounded by her closest friends and family. And now check out the top wedding trends for 2022!


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