The bigger the better : The most expensive wedding rings of all time

Ladies, about to get engaged? Then, this is the “it” article to show your husband-to-be (it might not please him as much as you). The bride’s second most important day is the one where she receives her engagement ring. This ring that won’t ever leave her finger again and embodies a promise of marriage and love to eternity should be perfect. So even before she gets into the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat), some inspiration would definitely be beneficial. Here are some of the most impressive – yet most expensive- engagement rings of all time ever gifted. A bit of wishful thinking won’t harm anyone, right?


1- Lorraine Schwartz platinum diamond ring
Price: $9.77 million
This ring is one of the prized properties of Beyonce, given to her by the famous Jay Z. He finally took her advice and put a ring on it. It gives her much radiance and glow – as if she was in need of some extra shine! This 18-carat diamond ring in platinum is spectacular, to say the least.


2- The Blue Diamond Ring by Bvlgari
Price: $9.49 million
Considered one of the most pure and rare, blue diamonds are definitely fancy enough to scarcely be found in the general market. The ring in question is comprised of a 5.30 carat Blue Diamond, crafted in 1965, and was designed by the renowned Bvlgari. It was then, bought by Graff Diamonds, one of the world’s most prominent collector houses.


3- Asscher-cut Krupp diamond engagement ring
Price: $8.8 million
Lucky Elizabeth Taylor was gifted this impressing ring by Richard Burton. It’s a 33.19 karat diamond ring that rarely left her finger and definitely managed to keep her in a spotlight. She developed a strong attachment to this ring that ended up becoming closely connected to her personality.


4- The pear cut diamond ring
Price: $ 5.4 million
Enrique Iglesias offered this dazzling ring to Anna Kournikova. Produced from a mine in Australia, it is comprised of a rare breathtaking diamond and stone for a centerpiece. This 11-karat pink diamond ring would undeniably catch anyone’s profound eye.


5- Cartier Emerald cut diamond ring
Price: $4.6 million
Prince Rainier III, the Prince of Monaco gave this exquisite and elegant ring to his wife, Grace Kelly. The high point of this ring is that it harmoniously holds a baguette-cut diamond on each side of the central 10.47-karat central stone.


6- Lesotho III diamond ring
Price: $2.6 million
This 40 karat marquise ring was an Antique piece that Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis wore only twice in her lifetime! Aristotle offered her this ring that definitely gave her a unique flair and distinction.

Although it’s heart-breaking for any woman to look at these stunning rings, it’s always good to remember that weddings rings, just like wedding gowns, are very personal choices. Size, value or design should only matter and symbolize to the brides who wear them.
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