Check out The Wedding Dress Trends For 2020

In the article below, you will discover everything you need to know about the newest wedding dress trends for 2020.


1- 3D Florals
2- Ball Gowns
3- Capes
4- One-Shoulder Necklines
5- Crepe Dresses
6- Feathers
7- Slip Dresses
8- Short Dresses
9-Bridal Suits

The wedding dress trends change every year and designers seek to create new and original dresses that will suit all tastes. Each well-known brand tends to come up with ideas out of the box especially that the competition is fierce between them. Future brides wait for the bridal fashion weeks to have a glimpse of what the wedding dress trends will be for the coming year. For this reason, if you have set your wedding date for 2020, check out the wedding dress trends for 2020.

1- 3-D Florals

A strapless 3D floral dress

3-D florals are definitely a big hit in 2020. The floral details decorating your wedding dress will add a feminine touch to your appearance and will make you shine on your big day. These floral accents can be oversized, cascading and multidimensional so you can choose what you like best.

2- Ball Gowns

A Ball gown by Esposacouture

If you want to have a dramatic entrance on your wedding day and always dreamt of having a Cinderella-like dress, then you have to choose a ball gown. Ball gowns are flowy and puffy dresses that are known for their voluminous style. Some are usually made up of fitted tops with a full skirt made of tulle fabric. Moreover, ball gowns are perfect for tall and pear-shaped brides and make you feel like a princess.

3- Capes

A Wedding Dress with a Long Elegant Cape

Capes will still be trendy in 2020 after they made a huge appearance in 2019. They cover your shoulders for the ceremony and can be short or long. Also, they give you a formal look will make you feel like a royalty on your wedding day. Therefore, if you don’t like veils, you will love capes!

4- One-Shoulder Necklines

A one-shoulder Wedding Dress by Esposa Couture

The one-shoulder dress works with any wedding dress style. This type of dress makes you feel like a goddess and accentuates the shoulder area and gives you a fabulous appearance.

5- Crepe Dresses

A Wedding Dress by Studio St Patrick

Crepe wedding dresses are trendy in 2020. Crepe also known as crisp is a type of thin fabric known for its wrinkled appearance and uneven surface. It is usually made of silk and other fabrics. Crepe dresses give you a modern vibe so if you hate traditional wedding dresses, you’ll love crepe dresses.

6- Feathers

Wedding dress by Milla Nova

Feather dresses have been a hit in the past seasons and will still be in 2020. They give you a daring look and can come in different styles. If you don’t want too many feathers, you could always shop for a simple wedding dress with a feather cape or jacket; but if you do, you can choose a wedding dress with feathers from head to toe!

7- Slip Dresses

A Slip Dress by Esposa

The slip dress looks like an undergarment with spaghetti straps. It can come with different fabrics such as satin and crepe which are considered the most beautiful fabrics. Slip dresses are trendy in 2020 and give you a unique look.

8- Short Dressesshort-dresses-wedding-dress-trends-2020
Who said that wedding dresses should always be long? Short wedding dresses are a thing in 2020. If you’re having a small and casual wedding or you feel like showing your new pair of shoes, then this trend is for you especially if you don’t like traditional dresses.

9 – Bridal Suits

Elegant Bridal Suit

Bridal suits are a trend in 2020 and made a huge appearance in 2019 too. If you hate traditional wedding dresses and are looking to stand out on your big day, look no further! Jumpsuits or bridal suits are your best choice for city hall nuptials, small weddings,
dinners etc.

Finally, wedding dress trends change from season to season and year to year and brides wait for the bridal fashion weeks to know what are the newest trends. After discovering the trends of 2020, which trend did you like most and defines your personality? Book your appointment on our website. Remember you can find wedding dresses in Lebanon at Esposa Stores. Hurry up and visit us! We will be happy to help you find your dream dress.

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