Esposa Shares the Heartwarming Love Story of Toufic & Laila

Toufic and Laila’s story is all about compassion. Their infinite love for giving brought them together in the most unlikely ways, proving once again the inevitable fate of destiny – and true love.
Esposa goes behind the scenes and meets with Laila to bring you exclusive details and tips on the secrets of this successful couple.


Esposa: How did you and Toufic meet?

Laila: Our story is almost surreal. Toufic is a full-time teacher who loves to spend his summer breaks offering his tutoring services to other communities in need. In the summer of 2010, he enrolled in a volunteering program in Vietnam to teach disadvantaged children. Since I was completing my masters in Saigon, I had also chosen the floating villages of Halong Bay as the benevolent experience I want to do, part of my curriculum. That was where I saw him for the first time; the last place I imagined meeting the man I would fall in love with!

Esposa: Speaking of love, when did you exactly recognize it? Did you feel it right from the start or did it grow on you with time?
Laila: I’m not sure “love” and “exactly” work well together. It does not really manifest in a specific moment or an accurate incident. Love starts as an attraction, an interest or fondness, to develop and mature with time into a strong attachment and complicity that gives another – beautiful – meaning to your existence.

Esposa: Any day-to-day tips you could share with us?
Laila: What I learned during my years of marriage is that a successful relationship can never foster without:
– Trust: There is no love without trust. When we trust our partner’s values, decisions, words, and actions, nothing could ever break the relation. Trust is what holds everything together.
– Commitment: Knowing that you are here for one another, no matter how things get bad, sets a completely different dynamic in a couple, one that creates an unbreakable bound from the beginning.
– Self-love: Because, as wisdom says, “you cannot pour from an empty cup”, you have to first love yourself before being able to love someone else. Remember to treat yourself with care to be able to constantly fuel that flame.
– Spontaneity: Being serious about important aspects of your relation is a must, however it’s important to keep things fun and light overall. Find a way to surprise each other, go on an adventure together, stop the car and dance in the rain, prepare a romantic dinner for one another; there is nothing like spontaneity to revive a relation and make it last…

Esposa: How about your love story with Esposa? Can you tell us a little bit about it?
Laila: (laughters) Well, I can definitely describe my relation with Esposa as a love story too. Esposa was not only the expertise behind my wedding dress, it was like any love relation that grows on you slowly. It wasn’t too hard though to fall for the warm treatment, the impeccable service, the professionalism and passion of the bridal consultants, and mostly for the exquisite bridal piece that made everything better about my wedding day. Thank you again, so proud to have been an Esposa bride!

Esposa: Any last tips for brides-to-be?
Laila: Follow your heart in every decision you have to do, and most importantly, let it lead you to Esposa because this is where you will find the bridal partner that will make all your dreams come true!


About Esposa

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