It’s wedding season! And what better way to add a touch of glam than with a Marchesa clutch?

 Here, we have some easy tips on how you can find the perfect wedding purse or wedding handbag.


Tip 1: Take into consideration your dress fabric.

As much as possible, go for a wedding handbag or purse made of a fabric that’s similar to the fabric used for your wedding dress. If you’re wearing a lacy wedding dress, then go for a wedding purse with either lace or velvet trimmings to match the ornate quality and texture of your dress. If, however, you’re going for a clean silk or satin wedding dress, then find a satin or silk purse to match your gown.

Tip 2: Find a purse in a color that matches your dress.

If you’re wearing an off-white or cream-colored dress than go for a pearl or ivory wedding purse. If, however, you’re donning a pristine white number, then go for a pale pearl or a white wedding purse that matches the color of your wedding gown.

Tip 3: Think about the right size.

You don’t need a tote during your wedding. You need a wedding purse or handbag that’s delicate, small and lightweight. Since you won’t be carrying your regular purse items, look for something small that allows you to carry a few items.

Tip 4: Make sure the detailing or the decorations of your wedding purse matches the jewelry you’re wearing or the accents of your dress.

If you’re wearing a dress with beading, then a pearl-studded or beaded wedding handbag or purse is bound to be exceptionally flattering. If you’re wearing gold or silver jewelry, match the accents or ornamentation of your purse with the type of jewelry you’re wearing; in short, gold to gold and silver to silver.


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