A Journey with Kristie Romanos, Esposa’s creative director

I was born in a family whose passion for colors was boundless, especially the white color. I remember the times when my sisters and I used to tirelessly try dresses on as kids, pretending we were at a fashion show. I also recall the thrill I felt when I was put in charge of preparing the costumes and accessories during school plays. More than a little girl’s impulse, the dream grew and took shape, becoming reality and gradually leading to the birth of Esposacouture.

The journey to creating Esposacouture solicited relentless dedication and ongoing inspiration. Mine relied considerably on the place and environment I was in, and because I loved spending time in nature, my creativity and sketches were deeply influenced by it. Can you just imagine the magic of a sky at sunset and sunrise? The spectacular and vibrant colors always leave me in awe! Such emotions nature awakens in me reflect on my style and creations.

I can certainly not leave behind the support of people around me, like my family and my team, which are the source of my strength. Not to mention my new baby girl, Yasmina, who crowned my motives to work and thrive.

Esposacouture is the fruit of many years of expertise, communication and listening to all of my brides. The turning point of my career happened one day when I was helping a bride choose her perfect dress. The moment I took the scissors and started altering the skirt, the sleeves and the waist line, completely transforming the dress into one that reflects the bride’s personality, I knew that my line would live for one purpose: catering for all women’s styles and tastes.

Throughout the years, the best part of bridal couture became seeing the excitement on the face of my brides; this could easily be the strongest testimony of success and pride for me. My designs found their own signature through modern and unconventional dresses that revisited not only the white color, but also ivory, blush, and nude, in versatile attractive models.

Staying true to my mission of portraying each modern and contemporary bride through the perfect bridal dress, I can say that my dream of catering to women around the world came true. EsposaCouture gained wide acclaim in many occasions and international events, through exquisite modern designs that would stand out in their innovative cuts and extraordinary fabrics.

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