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Esposa Forever Starts Today

With decades of decoding tastes and dreams, and an undying passion for fitting women with fashionable, feminine and fabulous outfits, Esposa strives to find a style for every love story. Through a rich collection of playful designs, it inspires women to embrace their wildest dreams and reflect their desire of being fashionably unique.

With Esposa, every love story is designed to last forever, exactly like the relationships the luxury bridal brand weaves with its clients. True to every woman’s style and fantasy, Esposa creates unique pieces that inspire brides to embrace and cherish their boldest dreams.

Esposa’s fresh collections feature voguish and wonderfully simple gowns, ready or tailor-made for the fun, trendy, and fashionable, but mostly for the unconventional. Esposa’s brides are self-confident, comfortable and sexy in anything they wear; they do not conform to trends but rely on their deepest feelings of lust. In their striking simplicity and unpredictable tastes, they shine, beautifully embracing and embodying modern cuts, fluid lines, outstanding colors and fabrics, and unique bespoke looks.

Esposa brands include the beautiful creations of a large selection of international artists such as La Sposa, Beside By Gemy, Enzoani, Lusan Mandogus, Justin Alexander, Eddy K, Malis Henderson, Mac Dugal and many more. The collections are found at Esposa’s boutiques in Verdun and Dbayeh.

Apart from Esposa’s selection of international brands, clients can also avail of the customized services of Esposa’s own atelier, Plume by Esposa, where sublime dresses are crafted and fitted to perfection. In this atelier, minds and hands work relentlessly, researching, innovating sewing and embroidering the perfect gowns that translate each customer’s aspirations and visions, no matter how bold or eccentric.

Esposa, where dreams come true and forevers start today…

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