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Esposa Launches Plume by Esposa 2018 Queen Collection

With a 2018 collection destined to sparkle, Plume by Esposa is definitely not trying hard to vote for the modest bride. Usually famed for its young and playful “lovestyle”, the accessible luxury line by Esposa defies the established to proudly embrace a royal feel so ingeniously reflected in each of its new creations.

Designed by Kristie Romanos, the 2018 collection makes no understatement: the bride should be no less than a queen. As such she is portrayed, embodying royal looks in cuts and shapes that denote a distinct originality. Voluminous in every way, the SS18 Plume dresses suggest classic romance in an imperial style. Here come the princess gowns and the long trains, the plunging back, the intricate embroidery, the elegant floral and royal motifs, and the heavy beading to enrapture your senses.

Revisiting the strapless, off-the-shoulder, and plunging neckline cuts with a sumptuous adorning touch and volumes of luxurious fabric, the gowns set themselves apart, addressing the bride who is not shy to be under the spotlight. She is born to shine and her wedding gown tailors her taste in every way. She wants to stand out in her own way, in movements that follow her unique personality, in motifs, patterns, and accessories that are never seen before, in a fabulous interlacing of beading and embroidery that takes bridal craftsmanship to a different level.

Combining sensual designs with intricate embroidery and elaborate details, the Plume collection highlights the elegant feminine silhouette through majestic cuts that make every SS18 bride a real queen.

The Plume by Esposa 2018 collection awaits to dazzle every unique woman in Lebanon’s Esposa boutiques, Dbayeh and Ramleh  Al Bayda, as well as Dubai.

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