Perfect Fit: Choosing the Best Pair of Bridal Shoes

Have you bought shoes that are comfortable to wear at first but ended up hurting your feet at the end of the day? It is common for people to purchase shoes that seem okay, but you don’t want to wear something that will make you feel horrible on your special day.

The right footwear will make you look and feel your best on your wedding day. If you look your prettiest, but you find it uncomfortable to walk or stride, the uneasiness will ruin your big day. This might even be evident in all your wedding photos.
To avoid this unpleasant scenario and to ensure you enjoy your wedding day, here are nine tips for choosing the right shoes for the best bridal dresses to ensure a perfect fit.

1. Consider the venue

Your wedding venue is an important consideration when finding the best pair of shoes.

For a garden wedding, consider getting flat shoes as these work best for any garden terrain. If you want to wear heels, a low-heeled pair is favorable for uneven surfaces. The same is true with beach weddings – choose ones that will make you feel comfortable while walking over the sandy surface.

Wherever you choose to host your special day, ensure that you opt for a pair of shoes that work best with the venue.
Aside from the venue, consider the weather, too. Look for closed shoes if you decide to wed during winter or autumn to keep your feet warm.

2. Choose the right heel type

You may be tempted to choose stilettos with thin heels because these can make your feet look sexy. But if you are not accustomed to wearing heels regularly, you might feel uncomfortable wearing them on your wedding day. Though switching shoes is possible, your comfort must be a priority.

Choose heels with thicker soles because these will provide added support for your weight. Also, these would be more stable, so the need to balance yourself awkwardly while walking down the aisle is low.

3. Check the arch

The arch refers to the distance from the sole to your heel. You’ll feel less to no pain if the arches are farther from each other. If the arches are too high, your weight will shift to your toes, which can be painful as you’ll need to wear your shoes for the duration of the wedding.

If you want to wear an elevated pair of heels, go for platforms. Heels with a front platform feel more comfortable because these can relax the arch angle. However, make sure you practice wearing these beforehand, so you’ll feel comfortable.

4. Opt for thicker straps

Straps offer additional support to your feet. Stay away from thin straps because these can easily break. If you think your shoes can’t support your feet and weight for several hours, find a different pair. Lack of support will make your feet quickly feel tired.

5. Don’t ignore even minor feelings of discomfort

When you try on a pair of bridal shoes and experience even the slightest discomfort, tick it off your list. Minor uneasiness can lead to massive pain later – you don’t want to spend your time caring for sore, painful feet after your wedding. When the back of the shoes rub at your heels, you might end up developing blisters later.

6. Match them with your dress

You probably spent a lot of resources choosing your wedding dress, so choose a pair of shoes that complement your style and wedding dress. Your dress and shoes should ideally share at least one similar element to achieve a uniform overall look.

7. Buy early

As soon as you’ve picked out your wedding dress, start looking for the best bridal shoes.
If you intend to purchase your shoes online, buy as early as possible because sizes can run out fast. When this happens, the lead time can be lengthy. So it would be best to buy your shoes early, especially if you want them to be custom made.

Also, wearing your wedding shoes during your dress fitting will ensure that the length of the dress is just right, and this can save you from substantial alteration expenses later on.

8. Wear them

A new pair of shoes can feel taut on the first few wears. Wearing them for several hours days before your big day will ensure that you’ll feel comfortable using them during your wedding day.

Aside from walking around flat surfaces, it would also be best if you go up and down the stairs to check if your heels will slip out or for any signs of discomfort. Doing this will also help you develop a strategy on how to walk over uneven surfaces and go up and down flights of steps comfortably.

9. Get a backup pair

Even when the shoes you buy are the perfect fit, our wedding dress consultants here at Esposa highly recommend getting a backup pair.
A shoe disaster can happen anytime. Having another set of good bridal shoes will give you peace of mind knowing that you have an extra pair of comfy shoes within your reach.

Finding the best bridal shoes is a challenging task because of the many great options available. Considering your wedding venue, wedding dress, personal preferences, and comfort level will help you narrow down your options.
Use these nine tips to ensure that you get the perfect fit. Choosing from our selection of bridal gowns is an excellent start to finding your best pair of shoes.

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