Your guide to custom made wedding dresses

process of custom made wedding dresses

Knowing the process of custom made wedding dresses at Esposa is the first step toward your dream dress shopping! So, if you are planning your wedding and you’ve decided on a custom-made wedding dress, this blog post is for you!

The concept of wedding dress shopping is exciting and full of fantasy but getting started can be daunting! From doing your research to making appointments, alterations, and beyond. Here’s your ultimate guide to the process of custom-made wedding dresses at Esposa!

What is a custom gown?

Before we talk about the the process of custom made wedding dresses, what is a custom gown?

The custom gown is the bridal dress that is designed exclusively for the bride that has a specific dress in mind and cannot find it anywhere.

The custom gown at Esposa will give you the chance of re-designing the bridal dresses of the likes of Zuhair Murad, Vera wang, Marchesa, Monique Lhuillier, Victor& Rolf and all the famous designers at Esposa, to create your dream wedding dress!

If that is you, then scroll down to read about the process of custom made wedding dresses at Esposa!

Create your dream dress

Create your very own dream wedding dress at Esposa! The process of custom made wedding dresses at Esposa starts with designing your dream wedding dress! It’s then followed by literally making your wedding dress dreams come true!

The process of custom made wedding dresses at Esposa

1- First off, you need to pay a visit to Esposa stores in Dubai, Riyadh or Lebanon and try on some dresses from your favorite designers brands. During this visit, we will discuss your favorite dress silhouettes, styles, textiles and colors. Also we will get to know you, understand your vision and help you narrow down the design and style of your dream dress based on your character and wedding theme.

This initial consultation will take place, as mentioned, at Esposa showroom or Esposa bridal shops in Lebanon, Dubai and Riyadh! We will guide you on which brand fits you more, so you can have the perfect custom made wedding dress!

2- After choosing the brand, you try on a couple of its signature dresses! And we at Esposa, will send a detailed report to the designer asking him/ her to make the modifications needed upon your requirements.

3- The designer will then start designing and drawing several sketches of your dream wedding dress and send you samples of fabric to choose from. In the next fitting, you choose the sketch and the fabric. To sum up, at the end of the designing process you will be presented with the sketches of your dream dress with every detail, a bundle of fabric, lace and color samples.

4- Then you will be informed about the final price of your custom gown. And after you approve of the quotation and all the other details, the designer will send the calico to our stores so you can try it on! After the fit is complete, we will move on to finalizing the dress design. We make the adjustments if need be and send the calico back to the designer. Afterward, the designer will send the actual dress to our store, for us to make sure that it fits you perfectly!

Common questions answered

We answered some common questions about the process of custom made wedding dresses!

1- How much do you charge for a custom made wedding dress?

The design fee will be applied in full towards your custom dress final price.

2- How many fittings do I need to create my custom made dress?

You might need up to 4 fittings to create your dream dress. The fittings take place at Esposa showroom or Esposa bridal shops. On average, the fittings are weeks apart, which gives the designer time to work on your custom-made dress.

  • Generally the first fitting is to make sure the pattern we create fits you perfectly.
  • The second fitting is actually a ‘design fitting’. During the second fitting, we make sure to unfold all the fine details of your dream dress. Every design feature comes together at this point.
  • The third fitting is when you pick up your finished dress!

Tips for a stress-free wedding dress shopping

Read our quick tips for a stress-free and seamless experience!

Relax: It’s totally normal to be excited and nervous about shopping for a wedding gown ! But always remember that the only purpose of a bridal gowns is to make you look and feel good. Their construction, fabrics, and silhouettes are specifically selected to enhance your best features.

Also, Esposa provides you with experts guidance through your bridal shopping experience. If you have any specific concern, don’t hesitate to inform our consultants before your appointment!

Have an open mind: Whether you have a detailed picture of what you want in your wedding dress, or you have a vision for the feel you want or have no idea at all. Keep an open mind when it comes to gowns and and have fun trying on the designs that you choose and the ones that your bridal stylist recommends based on her expertise.

Say yes the dress: When it’s your wedding dress, it’s ok to say “Yes”! So, whether it’s your first appointment or your tenth. You’ll know it is the one when you feel beautiful, confident and you don’t want to take it off. So, always be prepared to Say Yes to the Dress at Esposa!

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