Top Wedding Dress Trends for the Bride of 2019

We cover everything you need to know about the newest wedding dress trends and bridal gowns for the bride of 2019:

Current Trends in Wedding Dresses


  • Statement Sleeves
  • Big Bows
  • Feathers
  • Jumpsuits
  • Capers
  • Geometric Patterns
  • Wedding Dresses with Pockets
  • Layered Tulle

Are you a bride-to-be and still haven’t found that perfect wedding dress? You’ve come to the right place! Esposa Privé will capture your attention with modern and dreamy wedding dresses with the latest trends of Spring and Summer 2019. Whether you love classic, bohemian, or modern styles, we have a great selection of dresses for you to choose. Check the current trends in bridal gowns below and shop what best suits your taste.

Wedding Dress Trends in 2019

Every year, wedding dress fashion and trends change. Famous designers aim to create new and original bridal gowns making the competition between international brands very high. Each designer tends to design modern, one-of-a-kind, and strikingly beautiful dresses that have never been seen before. These dresses will attract a big number of brides shopping for that perfect and unique dress. The current and latest trends in bridal gowns in 2019 are:

Statement Sleeves

Marchesa’s wedding dress with sleeves makes quite the statement

If you’re looking for a non-traditional dress that’s outside-the-box, then you’ll definitely love the wedding dresses with sleeves that are anything but ordinary. There are different types of sleeves from which you can choose from such as puff, detachable, raglan etc.

Big Bows

Bridal Gown with Big Bow by Maison Signore

Bows are known as the “super-femme” trend. They’ve always been trendy but this year they’re getting bigger. Bows add a feminine touch to your dress and can be placed on the back, shoulders, or in the front. It’s also worth mentioning: the bigger the bow, the edgier the look.


Ines Di Santo makes use of feathers in this bridal gown design

Feather adorned wedding dresses are trendy in 2019. They give you a daring look and can come in different styles. If you don’t want too many feathers, you could always shop for a simple wedding dress with a feather cape or jacket; but if you do, you can choose a wedding dress with feathers from head to toe! (Just don’t do what Björk did at the 73rd Academy Awards!)


Wedding Jumpsuit by Viktor & Rolf

Yes, jumpsuits! Bridal jumpsuits and pantsuits are a trend this year. If you hate traditional wedding dresses and are looking to stand out on your big day, look no further! Jumpsuits seen at the bridal fashion week 2019 are your best choice for city hall nuptials, small weddings, dinners etc.


Wedding Dress with a Royal Cape by J’Aton


J’Aton Bridal Gown with see-through Cape


J’Aton Bridal Gown with Cape from the Back

Capes that match your bridal dress are making a huge appearance in 2019. Some brides love to cover their shoulders for the ceremony. Capes can be short or long according to what you prefer. Plus, there’s no better way to feel like royalty than to sport a cape on your wedding day!

Geometric Patterns

Wedding Dress with Geometric Patterns by Esposacouture

Geometric patterns in wedding dresses are in-style this year and are eye-catching. These patterns have repeated shapes and lines. Avoid wearing dresses with heavy patterns; these can come off as too distracting from the other beautiful aspects of your look.

Wedding Dresses with Pockets

A Bridal Gown with Pockets by Lazaro


Lazaro’s Wedding Dress with Pockets from the Back

Usually wedding dresses don’t have pockets but this year it’s different. You can find pockets on a lot of wedding gowns and short wedding dresses this year.

Layered Tulle

Bridal Gown with Layered Tulle by Monique L’huillier

Layered tulle dresses are trending this summer! they’re made of several layers of tulle material, which gives them their signature volume at the level of the waist. Their lightweight fabric is usually used in veils and gowns.

Finally, after going through the top 5 wedding dress trends for 2019, it’s now up to you to decide which trend best suits your style and taste for you to impress and have a trendy bridal look on your wedding day. You can find the above dresses at Esposa Privé Downtown Beirut and Dubai. Remember that you only get married once so choose wisely.



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