Esposa: A History of Bridal Expertise

This year, Esposa turns 30. Born in 1986 out of pure love and passion for the bridal industry, the first bridal shop celebrates today the success of a brand that has established for itself a highly-praised and model reputation, both locally and internationally.

A family-owned business, Esposa has been growing over the last three decades at the hands of the Romanos generations, which have worked hard to garnish the name with layers of success. From one shop in Beirut to a chain of boutiques in Lebanon, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sao Paulo, Esposa has proven to be a reference in bridal luxury for women hoping to find the perfect fit for their wedding day.

Like all success stories, Esposa’s did not happen overnight. Driven by passion and ambition, the family’s business always prioritized quality and customer satisfaction, working day and night to provide brides with this little extra that made their wedding experience “out of this world”. Constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and innovations, Esposa makes sure to combine advanced market research with unparalleled creativity, the finest fabrics, and dedicated craftsmanship to make of each dress a unique piece like no other.

Esposa listens to women to know how to anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. Every bride that enters Esposa is professionally consulted from head to toe to receive the best of bridal, from the right wedding dress to the proper stilettos and the perfect attire. Our bridal consultants are nothing but representatives of our strong heritage of expertise that has been built along the years by our loyal family of workers. Relying on their passion and unrivaled craftsmanship, the little hands working in our ateliers are behind the exquisite creations that have been fascinating women for decades. Here, every dress is considered a work of art that should resemble nothing else in its perfection. Inspiration, research and creativity come together through a strong teamwork where minds, sewing machines and needles work and innovate with the rarest and most precious materials at hand to give birth to exclusive creations laced with mastery.

Our ateliers cater to all tastes, from the most sophisticated to the more accessible.
Atelier Esposa is seeks to defy odds and craft excellence. Our team of pioneering designers are continuously ahead of the trend, creating tailor-made masterpieces of lace wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and much more. Our “Esposacouture” hand-made collection designed in Beirut and sewed in Spain is distinguished by its rare and luxurious fabrics, elegant designs, meticulous details, and dedicated craftsmanship, offering luxurious haute couture dresses. The bold and trendy “Plume” brand by Esposa finds a style for every love story through wonderfully simple gowns that reflect every modern girl’s true desire of being fashionably unique.

In addition to our hand-made dresses, our flagship stores feature ready bridal collections that reflect the diversity of our brand. Open in Down Town, “Esposa Privé” store comes to life with an aim to design intimate high-end experiences where customers would indulge in an inspiring journey of romance and bridal luxury, escorted by consultants and talented stylists. “Esposa” boutique sees the light in Verdun to offer the wild spirits a wonderful collection of ready or tailor-made voguish and playful designs that will decode their bold tastes and dreams.
Collaborating with the best local and international brands, Esposa offers as well an exclusive selection of bridal and evening dresses that showcase the works of the best fashion designers worldwide, from the classy tastes of Oscar de la Renta to the modern twists of Carolina Herrera, not to mention Rosa Clara, Marchesa, Lazaro, Ines Di Santo, Esposacouture, Enzoani, La Sposa, Monique Lhuillier, and much more.

In addition to local and regional expansion, Esposa never misses a chance to contribute to the international fashion scene by attending all the majors fashion shows worldwide. This year, the luxurious Lebanese bridal label traveled to the SposaItalia exhibition in Milano, adding its unique ready to wear collections, Esposacouture and Plume by Esposa, to the vast international panorama of the latest industry creations.

Replying on a brilliant past of achievements, Esposa looks optimistically to the future, wishing to anchor Lebanon’s name even further in the international fashion scene by reflecting the infinite talent and creativity of its country through world-class high-quality bridal wear.

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