How to design the perfect Gipsy wedding

If you haven’t heard already, “boho chic” is the latest trend for weddings. Another synonym for gipsy or perhaps hippie, bohemian comes to describe a certain unconventional that is mainly manifested through free-soul people or a nonconformist way of living. When it comes to weddings, a bohemian style is translated by a “going back to nature” style, whether through the choice of the venue, the bride’s dress, her hairstyle and accessories, her bridesmaids’ style, or the decoration of the wedding.


If you’re the nature-loving, eco-friendly, cherisher of all things vintage or rustic type, then the gipsy/bohemian wedding is definitely something you want to consider.

What are the characteristics of a true bohemian style wedding? Let’s take a look at some:


The bohemian wedding venue
Bohemian usually implies “earth” and “nature”, which is why almost every boho-style wedding happens outdoors. From the magical vineyards of Tuscany to the countryside of England, to farmhouses or gardens, the choice is wide and up to you!


The bohemian wedding decoration
The nomadic free-spirited bride would definitely go for a gipsy-like décor and eclectic elements that inspire an artistic and hand-crafted feel. The mood is casual and country, including floral patterns, natural elements and fibers, wildflowers, candles, and perhaps some lanterns.


The bohemian wedding dress
Although there are many different styles of Bohemian, from beach bohemian to vintage bohemian, rustic bohemian, to gipsy bohemian, they all have a common ground in style, mainly translated by soft lines, light fabrics, a relaxed cut, and most probably some lace.


The bohemian bride’s hairstyle
Nothing is polished, too tight, or overdone in Bohemian style, even the hairstyle. Following the romantic and vintage style of the dress, the hair is usually styled down or half-up in the most natural way. Most common elements or accessories used are braids, flowers, or bohemian-inspired headpieces including feathers or forehead bands.


The bohemian bridesmaids’ style
Mix and match your bridesmaids’ dresses and bring out the most natural in them! You can go as bold as you want, opting for flower crowns, roman-style gowns with sandals or perhaps a barefoot style, ankle bracelet, wildflower bouquets, short lace dresses, or a floral vintage style… Freedom of choice is all yours!


The bohemian shoes
There is nothing sexier than country-style boots to match with your bohemian wedding dress. Go gipsy all the way and don’t hesitate to wear those boots; they would particularly match with an autumn or winter wedding theme. For a hotter weather, flat vintage sandals are a perfect fit for your boho dress and for comfy feet all night long!
For a unique gipsy wedding dress style, check no other than Atelier Zolotas, the bridal haute couture brand handmade in Greece and recently Esposa’s newest brand! Zolotas dresses carry a unique story and an entire culture behind every piece, distinguished by their Hellenic vintage style and their subtle bohemian accents. An instant “coup-de-coeur” for us, and hopefully for you!


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About Esposa
Esposa is a bridal boutique that is all about luxury brands offering every bride-to-be a one-stop store to find and shop her wedding look including her dream gown, the perfect wedding shoes and the accessories that she needs. Our stores are located in Lebanon (Dbayeh and Beirut downtown), Brazil (Sao Paulo) and UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi).

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