Wedding Dress Shopping 101

Opting for perfection is in our nature and shopping for the perfect wedding gown is a means of transforming a dream into reality. Bridal dresses can be overwhelming to select and between picking your bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses and choosing a fitting mother of the groom dress, you’ve already exhausted all your efforts to hunt down the perfect wedding dress. So we’ve come up with a set of simple guidelines to help your find “the one”.



Look at the latest magazines, bridal dresses online and wedding dresses 2016 to find out what is trending and what you are drawn to the most, weather its lace wedding gowns, enzoani bridal dresses or princess gowns.. Figure out the shape that you like, the image you’re trying to bring to life and the feel of the dress you are aiming to express.


bridal boutique

Salon appointments
Be sure to book an appointment ahead of time and stick to two or three per day, although you’re eager to visit all the bridal shops in Saudi Arabia. Even though this is one of the most exciting times of your life, ensure you limit yourself to the number of appointments you take per day, as you may find yourself plagued with choices and forgetting what you’ve tried on.


shopping the dress with mom

Who to shop with
Wanting to share this wonderful experience with everyone you care about is natural, however you must limit the number of people you share it with to no more than three. Everyone has a different perception and having too many opinions may leave you confused. Be selective with the persons you choose to accompany you to your appointments as they play a big role in influencing your final decision.


the one


Choosing the one
One of the most important things to consider when choosing the right dress is keeping an open mind. You might have a certain image in your head of the perfect dress but keep an open mind to trying what the consultant brings you. Wedding dresses are made differently, as a result don’t shy away from a style you normally wouldn’t go for. You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll fall in love with the perfect dress as soon as you try it on.


50 shades of white
Wedding gowns come in heaps of shades of white and theses shades vary depending on the designer. When choosing the perfect white, be sure to take your skin tone into consideration. Pure white washes out all skin tones except for the darkest skin complexions. Creamy white is known to suit most skin tones. Light ivory is also known to be universally flattering.


the shoes


Bring your wedding shoes to your dress shopping appointment. We know you already bought them! In the rare case you haven’t bought the shoes already, bring similar heels to the appointment. Shoe structures can really affect the way the dress falls on you, so have them ready to get the best outcome.


bridal underwears1


Take or wear the proper undergarments, also bring in a few different options as you’re going to be trying different dress shapes. We all know the wonders of a push-up bra, now imagine the difference it would make when paired with the right dress. Keep in mind that undergarments can certainly influence the look of the dress on you.


the theme


Already planned the wedding theme? Great, make sure your dress translates and fits in perfectly into the theme. For example a princess wedding gown would not go with a beach wedding theme. When choosing a dress consider your wedding theme.


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