Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress: How and Where to start

You decided to get married and you’re already overwhelmed with everything you have to prepare. Why don’t we start with the most important and talk about wedding gown shopping? Where to begin! Finding the perfect wedding dress is definitely not an overnight mission, especially if you’re looking for the right fit for your body type and a dress that will make you look the best version of yourself. Here are some quick tips gathered by Esposa’s bridal consultants that will help you deal better with the challenge:


1- Start your wedding gown shopping at least six months before the big day
Do not make the mistake of leaving your bridal dress shopping for the last minute, or until there’s only two or three months left for the wedding. Visiting bridal salons and finding the style you want require more time than you can imagine. You’ll probably shop for your wedding dress once in your life so better do it right!


2- Do your own research
Before hitting the market and start visiting bridal shops, it is very important you reflect on what style you want to see yourself shining in on your wedding day. Take the time to research different designers and styles to have at least an idea about what you will be looking for.


3- Select your shop list and appointments
After researching online and narrowing down your choices, you should start making a list of the shops that offer the selection of brands or dress cuts that could fit your style. Browsing these shops online could give you an idea of their bridal collections, and accordingly, make the necessary appointments for your fittings.


4- Limit your entourage
Having a second opinion is always helpful when shopping for your wedding gown. However, too many opinions can be confusing and misleading. You’ll end up forgetting what you really want and being influenced by tastes that do not necessarily conform or match with yours.


5- Set a budget
Setting the budget of your dress is another efficient way to narrow down your research and optimize your time and energy in looking for what you want.


6- Be open
Knowing what you want and what suits your body shape is great. However, being open to new styles and different cuts can sometimes turn out to be a pleasant surprise and, who knows, maybe lead to finding the dress that will sweep you off your feet!


7- Stay true to what you love
We know how overwhelming wedding gown shopping can be with all the choices and trends out there. One single piece of advice for you: stay true to what you love and follow your instinct; it will lead you much faster to the dress of your dreams.


8- Take into consideration theme and season
Seasons can affect your choice of wedding dress in terms of style, fabric, and cut. You don’t want to wear a summery wedding gown in winter nor a long-sleeve dress in summer. Get inspired from the season and the theme of your wedding to choose a dress that suits both your style and the whole mood you’re getting married in.


9- Relax and enjoy the moment
Finally, do not forget that you’ll probably shop for that wedding dress once in your life – unless you’re planning on having many husbands. So sit back and enjoy every moment of this exciting journey so that you can remember it in the most exquisite way every day of your life!


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About Esposa
Esposa is a bridal boutique that is all about luxury brands offering every bride-to-be a one-stop store to find and shop her wedding look including her dream gown, the perfect wedding shoes and the accessories that she needs. Our stores are located in Lebanon (Dbayeh and Beirut downtown), Brazil (Sao Paulo) and UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi).

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