Viktor& Rolf 2022 collection

Viktor& Rolf 2022 collection

Excited to explore the Viktor& Rolf 2022 collection? If you’ve Just started planning your wedding and want to discover Viktor & Rolf collection for 2022, than this blog post is for you!

Viktor & Rolf is known for their iconic style and these ballgowns are no exception. Sculptural, intricately crafted, flirtatious and unapologetically dramatic, Viktor & Rolf bridal gowns are designed for the woman who knows what she loves. Find the perfect wedding dress that shows off your unique style with Viktor & Rolf wedding dresses.

The Fall/Winter 2022 collection

Viktor& Rolf 2022 collection for fall/ winter features dramatically sculpted gowns, bold mini dresses with crystal embellishment to veil or corset detail- that weaves in victor and rolf’s signature vision of bridal wear.

All pieces have been infused by florescent patterns crafted from nature as well subtle motif references coming straight out of ’60s and 70!

Spring/Summer 2022

This season, fashion artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren are celebrating the 5 year anniversary of their bridalwear collection with a twist. The Mariage line has been known for its modern approach to wedding dresses that feature an edge – this time around they’re paying homage by highlighting what makes it so unique in today’s world: glamorous yet comfortable designs perfect not only on your special day but also throughout all moments leading up until then!

New dress collection

Choose VRM282 if you’re looking for a wonderful dress appropriate for an intimate small wedding. Shop VRM282 wedding dress at Esposa prive.

 What’s special in Viktor & rolf dress collection?

The Viktor& Rolf 2022 collection is an exploration into the boundaries of fashion. Using only natural materials, they create textures and colors that are simultaneously familiar yet unfamiliar to our understanding as humans; giving us something new with each garment worn!

Choose VRM280 wedding dress, a satin A-line gown with a graceful train and two pockets, and look splendid on your big day. Shop VRM280 at Esposa prive! You can find viktor and rolf dress collection ladies in Esposa stores in Riyadh, Lebanon and Dubai.

The 2022 bridal collection from Viktor & Rolf is full of glamorous androgynous looks, perfect for any bride-to-be!

Bold and unexpected, the Viktor& Rolf 2022 collection has an electric charged-up vibe. The one-of-a-kind pieces are sure to make any wedding stand out from its peers.

In this season of love, we see many different styles coming into fashion; however, there’s always room for something new that will surprise you!

More looks

You can also find at Esposa stores in Dubai, Lebanon and Riyadh awe-inspiring dresses from viktor and Rolf’s previous collection! Explore the following dress, straight across neckline with a big layered skirt and pockets on the sides for added comfort.

Another delicate A-line gown, off-the-shoulder with ruffles on the neckline and the bottom of the skirt. Cinched and the waist in a ribbon belt, then flares out in a skirt with pockets on the sides! Explore Victor & Rolf 2022 collection on our website! Or, visit Esposa stores or showrooms in Riyadh, Lebanon and Dubai and find your dream dress from this stunning collection!

5 things to know before you go wedding dress shopping

It’s the one opportunity you have in life to invest in such an important outfit, so we want you to enjoy it and, most importantly, get it right! Here are a five essential tips we suggest to help make the most out of your wedding dress shopping.

  1. Try on a bit of everything: You’ve probably heard this advice before, but even if you’ve got your heart set on a certain type of frock, make sure you give other styles a go at your initial appointment. This will help you rule out for definite all the things you don’t like and you may be surprised by what you find you do like.
  2. Enjoy yourself: Cherish the experience as part of your journey to being a wife. Use the process to embrace your body, to celebrate your style and to emphasize your personality.
  3. Start early: you can’t find the perfect wedding dress and plan a wedding in three months, but you need to let the shop know your timeframes and allow as much time as you possibly can to give yourself as many options as possible! Book your appointment at Esposa stores in Lebanon, Riyadh and Dubai now!
  4. Think about your venue before you go wedding dress shopping: It’s important to think about your venue before you go wedding dress shopping. If you’re marrying in a rustic barn wedding venue, you probably want something a bit more boho to suit the surroundings, whereas a stately home wedding venue suits a more traditional ball gown.
  5. Make it fun: There are many ways to make wedding dress shopping fun. So, get in the mood, enjoy the feeling of romance, love and feeling special and encourage anyone with you to think of fun ideas for wedding dress shopping.

Finally, being a bride means that everything is unabashedly about you, so take the time to revel in that experience! And now, check out this guide to virtual appointment at Esposa!

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