Your guide to virtual appointment at Esposa!

virtual appointment at Esposa

How does the virtual appointment at Esposa work? A common question we get, that’s why we are dedicating this blog post today! We are going to discuss everything you need to know about the stages of virtual appointments at Esposa. So, read on!

We all know that the wedding industry has been at a standstill as a result of the coronavirus outbreak! However, Esposa bridal shop has found a way to adapt, offering virtual appointments that allow the brides-to-be to work with experts from a safe distance.

Virtual appointments stages

Because we prioritize creating a personalized, memorable experience for the brides, we made sure that the virtual appointment at Esposa goes as smoothly as possible! 
Stage 1: What you need to do in the first place is booking an online appointment with our bridal consultant! 
Stage 2: The second step is usually an introductory zoom call with our consultant. During this call, the consultant will get a feel of who are you, your wedding theme, your character, your budget and what do you exactly want!
We can discuss your wedding plans and any questions or concerns you have before showcasing the many dresses we have in stock. We can discuss design options, dress sizes, and prices to enable you to select the best dress choices.
On a lighter note, we advise you to prepare some photos of what you envision before the call!
Stage 3: After you hop on the introductory call, you set up another zoom call so our consultant takes you through the dresses!
During this call, the consultant will show you how the dresses look like in reality, how they might encumber you when you walk, and what alterations could be made.
Our bridal consultant can also advise you on the sizes and prices of the dresses. The stylist may even model the wedding dress in some cases, giving you an idea of how the dress would look.
Stage 4: After going through a virtual appointment, you will pick three to five gowns you want to try on and our consultant will display dresses on mannequins. The consultant will guide you about each dress’ cut, fabric and all the information you would need to know about your wedding dress!
Stage 5: If you like a gown, our stylist will then instruct you or instruct your mother or any person helping you on how to measure you! And we adjust the dress for you accordingly!
Stage 6: And now your dream dress is ready to be shipped and delivered to your doorstep! When you receive and try on your wedding gown, we will reschedule another session to make sure that no adjustment is needed! However, should you need any modification, we will coordinate with any tailor available in your country to ensure that the modification are done correctly!

Virtual appointment for Custom-made dresses

Looking for a custom-made dress? we’ve got you covered! Esposa couture offers you an exceptional virtual gown shopping at the comfort of your home! All you need to do is booking an online appointment! Our designer will set up a call with you to know more about your preferences in the first place.
Then she will start drawing your gown sketches and send them to you! When you approve of one, she will start working on your wedding gown! You would also have to take your own measures or get someone to help you through that.
The following stages are exactly the same as the virtual appointments at Esposa for the ready-to-wear wedding gowns!

The perfect “say YES moment”!

We’re committed to helping you create beautiful memories and the perfect “say yes” moment, however that looks for you!

When to start wedding dress shopping?

We advise you start the virtual gown shopping 8 months prior to the wedding day! That would give you ample time to get alterations done if you need them.

Short on time?

 Why virtual appointments? Beside not being able to travel due to the covid-restrictions or for safety reasons, virtual appointments give the brides access to a more personalized experience than they can normally have!

If you’re planning a trip to one of our stores, Esposa bridal shop offers you an exciting ‘virtual appointment’ so that you can see our dresses before visiting Esposa stores in Dubai, Lebanon and Riyadh in person.

A virtual appointment allows us to prepare for your in-store appointment, giving you more time with the selection of gowns you wish to try!

Finally, we guarantee you an exceptional virtual wedding dress shopping experience! Book your appointment online now to Say yes to the dress at Esposa!

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